Topping my auto and how to

Hi this is my Afgani-auto starting its fourth week can anyone take a look at this plant tell me if I should top it off and if so how do you do it. Thanks in advance.

This the same plant just different views.

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Its my understanding that its not good to top an auto, not enuff time for them to benifet from it. It will slow her down abit to until she recovers.

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FIM it topping will stunt the growth

Thank you Liljoe

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Thank you boardsbird

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Very impressive boardsbird

I always top my autos and don’t have any problems. Here’s a couple pics


Very nice HornHead now how did you do it?

You maybe a little late to be topping her…tie the branches down and let her go, whatever you choose im sure it will be awsome

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Well I went ahead and pinched out the regions where I circled and arrowed towards so we’ll see what happens since this is my first row from many many years ago (I said in my profile that I was really into growing but after being a part of this forum I realized how little I actually knew) I expecting to be some mistakes and possibly a disaster two I’m really just doing this all in fun and because now it’s legal to grow in Massachusetts where I live I’ll have many opportunities to try again after this so you’re right Kroncaddycustoms whichever you choose will be awesome as long as I learned from the task itself making me a better grower.

funny I put the piece in my pipe and believe it or not I copped a buzz it’s gotta be because I have not smoked in about a year LOL

At what age do top or so many branches? Great looking plants Hornhead what variety ?

I’d wait until plant has at least 5 sets of nodes. Then top let plants recover then if you only want 4 main branches, trim off what you don’t want

Thanks a max for info Hornhead ,first time with auto as I have always topped with clones & seed plants at around 7-9 sets . I figure with the auto would have to be done 3 to 4 weeks from germination ideally I’d like to top @ 8 sets but of course they may not grow that fast . Am using DWC so they grow pretty quick

I’ve always went by this. “If plants are on their 4-6 nodes by the end of 2 weeks, go for it” that way you know the plants are growing fast and healthy