Topping/lighting reduction

Hi everyone,
Growing skunk and I’ve already transplanted the flower, it’s going on its 5 the node.
But, the question would be , the room I’m using doesn’t have much height to it.
I’m using a 600 w hps light. Set at 32 inches from top of plant.
The light system does allow for reduction of the light to 50% and to 25%.
Should I consider topping the plant at 5 nodes or could I reduce the the light to 50% and let the plant grow to 7 nodes before topping it?

If I want a low rider I like to too early and often and you could even include some low stress training to get even more stretch. You could definitely start now I usually start at the third or fourth node. That will keep them shorter but they will get bushy and stay away from the lights

Also looks like your leaves may be a little heat stressed with the curling. How hot is your grow room or at least the temp at your canopy?

Grow room is about 83 F, but very dry.

Set out a bowl of water to help with humidity

Sounds good , will do.