Topping, is she about ready?

Mostly because you can shorten veg time for faster turnaround with similar yield.


Shorter than 4/5 weeks??? Maybe I counting wrong. I figure 2 weeks from transplant (aprox) is transition then veg starts. 4/5 weeks from there (aprox) flip lights another 2 weeks transition to flowering time.then actual flowing starts.


Ah! There’s a few reasons, and again these might not align with your goals and preferences.

I’d actually sprout a full pack of 10 regular seeds, and based on how they present as they fill out the tent, I’d cull the weakest plants as space got tighter. I’d also cull males as they present, although sex tests are an option at about $10/plant. I’d also be using stem rubs and morphology to make my selections.

One issue with having a single large tent and a single large light is that we find ourselves lighting unused space. That’s another reason it might make sense to try 2 feminized plants instead of 1, or even 4 if the plants are naturally compact. The idea is to decrease vegetative time overall, and therefore decrease cycle time, thus improving yield over time. Maturation is an obvious limitation, as you’ll need to grow for 3-5 weeks vegetatively depending on the cultivar.

Another option would be growing a fast autoflower or two along with your single photoperiod plant. They go through their entire cycle while the photoperiod plant is still filling out the 2x4 canopy.

Is that clearer?

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Starting to get it I think. Might just be my needs are different. I grow for personal use for my wife and myself only. So 2 grows a year at 6 to 10 ozs each I can fill my needs for the year. Due to space (2x4 tent) I grow only Feminized indica dominate seeds, so I only go thru 2/3 seeds a year. That plant (pictured) gave me 12 ozs, the next one (last grow in jars now) gave me 5 ozs. If I can keep the average there that’s all I need. It does make buying seeds in 5/10 packs ridiculous, dosent work for me. I need to buy ala cart. I had 2 fail (out of 5) to germinate (the seed bank said they dont guarentee germination after 90 days. I dont mind paying a premium for ala cart just having difficulty finding sources that will sell 2 seeds at a time. If I buy 5 seeds, that to me is 2+ years of the same strain. Need more variety.


I’m measuring from seeds getting wet. After five weeks I’m usually seeing indications of sex.

Oh wow that is faster.

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The light bulb in my head is flickering now.

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Keep in mind we aren’t advocating trying to fit 8 plants or 6 plants in the tent. I suggest that 2-4 are the range worth looking at for a 2’x4’ tent.

Any idea what’s going on with these leaves??? They feel dry

she seems to be growing well but these 2 leaves??? Roots organic soil no neuts yet. About a week after transplant. Hlg260xl light turned down to min. Ph water only.

Look like they may have contacted the soil at some point. I always get rid of the starter leaves around the time of topping.

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That’s what I thought but I removed the set lower than those earlier last week. This set started 3 days ago.

@Bobbydigital, what’s up dis? 2 weeks since transplant still on 18/6 lighting and noticed this today.

She’s an early bloomer. Ready to flip to flower when you are. My current plants had them for 4 weeks before I flipped.

I wanted to veg it to fill a net. Should I just keep tucking it.

Transplanted Dec 20th. This is today.

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