Topping hollow stems

Top my lemon bannanna sherbet today she’s patiently waiting in line for her spot in the flower tent getting to tall so topped her. The stem is literally like a soda straw in exact proportion completely hollow I’m afraid of it being exposed on the top like that. I just put a small piece of tape to cover the opening at the top of the stem anyone have experience with hollow stems?

Not an expert but had same issue when I topped one of mine. I put some honey on it and the hole eventually closed up. It didn’t miss a beat. Here it is today nearest on the left.

I’ve got 7 going here and that was the only one that was hollow. Not sure what causes it.

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I was getting ready to say that I saw someone recently that had the same issue. Now I remember who LOL :laughing:. Like @Bow4Buck pointed out as long as she’s healthy there’s not much that you can do really.


No pith is actually considered a superior plant by a lot of growers.