Topping Gorilla Glue

So I topped a gorilla glue grow I’m working on, topped main cola at 4th node. Plants reacted as expected but I’m considering topping again to increase cola count. These plants are too stiff to LST so I’m considering topping again and a bit of defoliation if necessary for light penetration.

How well does ILGM GG respond to a second topping? I was considering topping all the colas this time, which including the 2 mains from the first time would be 6 to 8 depending on how low I go. Not sure whether it’s worth it to top the lowest branches even if they get close to canopy height,

Any ideas on topping this many colas for the final top on GG before scrogging and flipping in a couple weeks?


This is a Supper Skunk from ILGM.

I topped her 5 times.

She’s looking tasty.

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Topping the GG at the 4th node left these a little taller. No way possible at this point to table them out with LST since they’re too stiff to even bend much at the midway point

I’m more concerned with how will ILGM GG react if I top more colas than just the 2 mains. Will topping secondary branches produce Larfy buds that are worthless or will these lower branch toppings produce reliable colas or should I just top the 2 mains once more and leave them alone?

I have not grown GG but my understanding it is a prolific grower. I can not imagine there would be a problem with topping again. Some photos would be nice to see what you have going on.
Have you tried pinching and lightly twisting the branch for LST. If they are that stiff how old is she. I takes a while for the stems to stiffen that much. Start the LST as soon as you can grab onto the growth tip.