Topping Girl Scout Cookie Extreme

Has anyone topped GSCE, and curious if it actually increases your yields? I’m growing in 3 gallon air pots with Spiderfarmer SF-2000 lights.

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Topping, low stress training can both increase yields but it takes more time to veg a plant, thus creating a longer overall grow. You could just as easily run more plants in more of a SOG style which will fill the footprint in a much faster rate. It’s all preference really so I would suggest to try it all out. And then form your opinions on what you like or dislike.
At the end of the day it all works to increase yields, only difference is the amount of time it takes.


So let them veg longer around 10/12 weeks? I normally veg for 8 weeks. But never I never topped before figured I’d give it a try since GSCE likes to stretch and I’m only in a 2×4 with 60 inch in height.

What’s another week or 2 when you are significantly increasing yield

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Its not unusual for my plants to Veg 3 months. My GSC Beast did it and only yielded 8 z’s dried, cured and no stems. She also went over 6 feet tall.

Now my other two plants total yielded 414 grams dried and no stems. One was 96 grams and the other was 318 grams. Upgraded to HLG lights. :heart_eyes:

Now the Ultimate Beast Master also reached over 7 feet tall and 8 feet wide naturally. I didn’t do a thing to it other than feed and pull off crappy leaves. Funny my pH is between 8.0 to 8.6 and I still produce beasts without using pH Down or Up. 12/12 cycle start to finish. :+1:

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Exactly, rite now I have 4 nodes plant is almost 3 weeks. 1st time growing GSCE just wanted to see if other ppl has topped them. I heard they like stretch so thinking something different while their small. I was also going to try to get a few clones off the tops I cut.

Never underestimate GSC at all. Now the breeder stated that they don’t get taller than 30” and that just shows how they mislead like the blurple lights on Amazon does.

Now Blue Dream is also one of those plants you don’t want to underestimate either. That was the two plants I got 414 grams from.

Now my last plant growing outside my seedlings is another plant you defi itely don’t want to underestimate G13 Peach Puree CBD. She is absolutely a beast upon beasts for an indoor grow. :+1:

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I veg under the blurp lights and flower under spiderfarmer light. I double my yield by switching to the spiderfarmer. They seem to get fatter in veg under the blurp light.

I switched to HLG. Before thise my highest yield dried, cured and no stems was 3.32 oz.
Under HLG one plant gave me 318 grams dried and no stems. The the other was 96 grams. So I got around 14.79 oz. Lights are critical.

I wouldn’t stress too much over clones this early. There will be ample opportunities for clones later. Right now I would worry about getting a good start. 4 nodes really? At 3 weeks? You must be growing in soil. If you were in coco or hydro, you’d have 1.5’ tall plants by now

i quit topping a while back and use LST more than anything these days. i veg under MH onboard LED chips, blurbles, and CFL’s … flower under HPS and MH blurples on their sides… my plants explode after i LST them over and makes a big diff in yields and cola sites with less stress than topping… but thats just what works well for me and my environments… i typically end up with something like this little CD91 photo in a 1.5 gal pot…

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