Topping for the Second time

Preparing to top for the second time in a few days, the girls have recovered well from their first topping and transplant and have several new flowering sites. Is there specific sites or a specific number of sites I want to top this second time around? Any advice is welcome, thanks growmies!

I wait until the 3rd node for the second topping.


And then do you top all new sites? Or what number of sites do you top?

I only top the mains.


Take a look at Nebula Haze Manifold tutorial on growweedeasy.
In very general terms the more a plant is topped the bigger and longer it needs to grow to produce nice sized buds.
This GDP was topped twice in a manifold with 8 main colas


You want to end up with even sized branches in terms of thickness. Topping is going to basically divide the branch in half. If you have any that are twice the sized as other branches in your upper canopy (usually the mains), are the ones I would top.