Topping/Fimming Info?

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Just seeking some opinions. How many weeks into the veg cycle until I can top my plants? Is their an ideal time to do this or is it more of a preference to the grower?


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It’s your preference, always. But most people top or FIM when they get the 5th node of growth.


I top/fimm mine when the plant have 3-4 sets of true leaves.


What kind of plant are you growing? Autoflower or photoperiod?

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@MattyBear Gold Leaf - Photo


Most will tell you to top after you have 5 sets of true leaves :+1:


Beginner here, why is it necessary to top? Limit height? And push new width?
Is this process repeated ? Sorry if stupid questions, lol

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Question? From what I understand,when you top, the main stem stops growing right? Well I topped my bubble gum 6/23 and right away 2 new stems started growing out of the main stem. @FloridaSon @Sasquatch or anyone.This is a total outside grow. Seeds popped 5/28

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That is the expected out come @Downsouth You can top or fimm it again. But not until it has recovered from this topping.

Thanks @Sasquatch

Yes if you top then your main stem produces 2 new stems and if you fim it produces 3 and can produce 4 new stems and you can just keep going depending on plant and your own limitations, it’s a way of getting a bigger yeild

@daz49 The funny thing is the wife topped a AK and nothing from the stem. The side branches took off but not thenough main strm. Just a stub. The new branches are about 4 inches taller already. Maybe she cut to high on the stem and node. You can see the black stem nub in the middle.

This was topped on 6/24

Yeah you definitely have to be careful where you do it but it’s a pretty safe science and it’s been done since forever but some prefer to just let the plant grow normal

@daz49 We have 2 of each so topped 2 ,fim one and I’ll let the rest go normal. Thsnks

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No worries, I’m an indoor grower and only been growing since beginning of 2017 but I top and fim all the time and my mates and family who showed me all do it but don’t go over the top and like I say it’s not for everyone especially outdoor growers and definitely the more experienced please join in

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@daz49 Having fun. I’ll more than likely top my BG more because I have 1 extra.

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The thing you don’t really want is Christmas tree plants, that would be classed as an unhealthy growing plant

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I like to fem them that way you have the chance to have 4 shoots worst that happen 2

I hope he can get the strain stable. Tag me if you need anything…