Topping early veg

Hello everyone. Some say to top above the 4th node of multi leaflets. They’re both a month old. Anyones thoughts about topping? Thank you.


Above the 5th node should give you 8 healthy colas.
The branches that grow from the first node where you have just a pair of single leaves are typically weak branches. From the second node on (pair of 3 fingered leaves), you should get strong growth. So the 5th node gives you 8. You can do other types of training like LST where you bend and tie down branches.


I grow medium sized plants in my grow I allow 9 sets of leafs, I top at 10th, and my bushes have 18 branches, topping usually gives me a nice even canopy.


I always thought a month was very early. Now I been noticing lots more people going earlier these days, topping earlier, flipping earlier, so I jumped on the bandwagon. My first topping, at 30 days old, is grown up and budding now. This time 23 days and beheaded. Just cut a couple days ago, so gonna find out soon what’s too early.

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Just topped one of them above the fifth, the other one have to wait for the 5th to develop, thanks! Would 8 colas a plant, times 2 plants in a 2 x 4 x 6 due I would assume?

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Good luck… Let us know what happens. Did you top the plant once of twice during it’s veg stage?

There are multiple ways of pruning for 8 colas.
This is one of my favorite ways. This a GDP on day 28

It doesn’t look like much now

It will be a Nebula’s Manifold with 8 colas. On each new main stem one set of branches is kept. And each new stem is topped above the 3rd node. The 2nd node branches are removed.

This is after the pruning for the manifold is completed and initial LST is done

Two weeks later on day 53


I top once but I chickened out, not equipped to do 32 colas. Maybe next grow. People on here have 8 tops per four plants in 4x4, so cut that in half… should work fine having two 8-pointers in a 2x4… see @Coonass fills his tent nicely. Nice demo @beardless


I would definitely top the plant for a indoor grow.
Seven nodes is a good number for photo plant.
Good luck :v:


You will like the results. After this grow you can decide how to adjust if you want it a little different.
As you see from the comments there are numerous ways to top and train cannabis.
I have a 3x4 tent. I can grow 4 plants topped at the 5th and get a pound, or I can grow 2 plants topped higher and trained with LST pulling down branches and keeping the canopy somewhat level and I get a pound. Its kind of like cooking Chili, there are many ways to make it and tweak it your own way, and there is no such thing as “The Best” because you and I might like different things.


I topped both of these bad boys above the 5th node of multi leaflets, and so far they’re surviving.

I’ve noticed some light spots on both of these plants, some type of deficiency.

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Haven’t given any nutes except for half dose of recommended FF CalMag with RO for each watering.

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All of the new growth looks good . The plant’s will be fine. Good luck :v: