Topping during flower?

Hi farmers. Its been a while. By no means do i claim myself to be a master farmer lol. So i need some opinion here.


I grow out of my closet. One plant decided to break a record height at maybe the 2nd week of flower. It towers all the others. Issue is, i cannot raise my lamps any higher. The plant is probably 4 inches above the lamp at max height . I topped the plant in veg months ago. I have never topped a plant in flower. It still has only straight white pistols of course. Is this safe to top her again or will she go in shock? Its only 2 colas i am thinking about topping.

I appreciate your thoughts!!

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You gotta do what you gotta do bro. Its what it is unfortunately. You can try supercropping, think it would be ok, not ideal timing but doable. That way you dont lose it. Just dont let it recover vertically keep it down. When it heals it is about time the stalks harden from flower. Good luck you know what you gotta do

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Can you tie her tops down??

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Yeah man i Might have too. I could
Perhaps hang my lamp from the ceiling too but i dont feel like going through that right now lol. I was hoping if the community here thinks its no impact to top them again at this point.

I might just have to do that. Its such a thick tall cola it might not have much flexibility but i might try to tie it down first

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A little at a time. Dont rush it. I kinda roll the stem between my fingers to try and soften it a bit. @RandyMarsh


Good thought. Time to bring out the long string and plant wire lol


Just bend her over it will be fine. Pinch and bend. Nice to see you here.


If you’re weak like me, or the stalk is strong, some needle nose pliers with rubber or silicone covering the rough edges of the pliers (I have reusable silicone straws that fit over mine) will do the trick for the pinching and the bending. :v:

Supercrop it, don’t top it.


I agree. I supercrop unruly girls over topping myself.


Hey bud! Haven’t talked to you in a while! I have had that issue myself and I guess I kinda take the easy way and cut the top. I dress it with some honey and let it go. Done it 3 times and they all did fine. Currently have a large Blueberry growing that I cut, and it’s doing fine!