Topping branches

What do you think about topping branches? Plants have been topped a few weeks ago and growing nice branches. Still early in the season I have about 4 months until harvest. They are out side but do not want them to get more then about 4 feet tall, presently about 2 feet tall. Looking for more colas. I do understand once they go into flower they will stretch.

I’m not an expert but I believe you can do what suits you just keep in mind that every time you top your colas are gonna get smaller I believe there will be more of them but they will get smaller with each top… to keep a plant short most will do a little topping maximum of 4 times from what I understand then just use low stress training. Plants love being tied down I’m just getting through my first grow and LST is awesome I’ve got 3 beautiful bushes out of it and they loved it too I did some heavy training and non of my plants showed any signs of stress at all plus you get to keep those large colas… but remember I’m only getting through my first grow on my own haha I may be wrong but that’s my understanding of it and it may be different if you are growing outside

Interesting my first time on purpose also. LST is coming soon, just got wire yesterday. I guess bigger is better but you can’t smoke a big one all one time maybe. What I got last year was some little ones not much by any standard about a quarter z, sure was good. Started my interest in growing. This will be second gen from seeds found in a bag I got that was not supposed to have seeds. We will see. Good luck.

Welcome I did top my Maui 4 times and she’s still 6ft tall. I “Fimmed” a couple others and they are significantly shorter and much bushier. Gonna “Fim” all next year. Good luck and have fun growing.

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Oops forgot to add pic


Very nice! @skipper1, typically I would consider bending and tying down a better option to keep a plant below a fence line. Keep in mind it has the same effect as topping as all the internodes will become branches and they in turn will grow up and each will make another top. What makes many tops grow small buds is a small root mat. If the root is not large enough to gather nutrients and water it limits the amount the buds can grow. So if you want bigger buds and lots of them, you will need big roots!

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I will have to learn how to do that. I will be tying down today. I will have to learn how to bend and “train” for next years grow. Thanks for the help I really appreciate it

IF the main “stalk” has any correlation to the root size. (This is a pic of one they are all like this or a bit bigger.)

I believe I have a pretty good root base.


Nice plants you guys set the bar pretty high. My learning curve is very steep, so far so good

they look pretty good to me! And they are in mother earth! Thats a good thing too.
Here was mine 3 weeks ago

Im using the lighter because thats what others do :laughing:

Then you know where your lighter is when you get ready to fire one up. :grin:

yeah I guess so lol

Cool. Very similar. I tied one plant down today got over the fence and can’t have that