Topping autos. Yes

I see the question come up a lot if you can or should top them. I only grow autos so I can start new ones at anytime and flower all in one space. I top all of mine and lst most. If I can and the plant has the time I will top again. As long as you have good growth then do it. It’s the best was to increase yeild. Really necessary when growing indoors as they are normally smaller. First pic is wwa topped twice by 5 weeks.

This ones a bba. That wa topped 2 times and lst. Pics show fast recovery.

10 days ago.


to a 3 gallon

First topping.

Then lst. Recovered. More lst and topped again. Today makes 4 weeks old. .

Northern lights auto just topped yesterday.


Vegged under hlg65 from seed then to the qb260


I try to explain to everyone that if you have a good healthy growing plant, top away. With autos you never know how big or how long they will vegg for


This is the issue. If you get one that only wants to veg for 4ish weeks (there are plenty this way) topping pretty much removes the best producing part of the plant.

I believe the “healthy” part of that goes a long way too. Even a minor hiccup can stunt them. There are plenty examples here of autos less than 1’ tall into flower without topping. I’m glad you guys have success with it. But I will most likely continue to advise new growers against it. I feel like people who have some experience under their belt want to try, more power to them. But it’s way easier from a teaching standpoint to do this with photos. If there’s an issue, it’s generally nothing that a little more veg time can’t handle.


Couple more days and I spread her out again. She getting ready to start flower at 5 weeks but I got a good start for a good amount of bud sites. I won’t top anymore since it’s about to start.


Not all strains grow short indoors. Tell that to my GSC over 57.5 inches tall. Unless you are referring to Autos grow short indoors.

You do have some control on stretching if your lights are good and not to high. I grow mine short so I can have 2 grow areas stacked in my closet.

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Show off!


First time grower of cannabis but I’m a fan. Just some bag seeds I acquired, didn’t even know they were autoflowers until after I topped them.


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They look great. I would say you hit the window just right for topping them. I have topped more than a few autos multiple times with no issues. I think the timing is important though