Topping auto plants


I just topped my autos was that a good idea ?


@CannabisLover89 from what I have read in other threads, you shouldnt top the autos. Now, I am a realtive newby so will tag some folks that are much more knowledgable. than I.

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The stress may cause it to start flowering sooner than it otherwise might have done.



Nothing you can do about it now lol.

Topping early on is usually ok- but you shouldn’t do much as it gets closer to their flowering time.

The idea is that topping slows the growth of the plant down- and when autos already being a quick flowering grow- you’ll want your veg period to be as effective as possible.


How old is the plant you topped? @CannabisLover89


No more than 21 days


Most of the ilgm autos will flower at about day 30. Which strain are they? @CannabisLover89


Ak47 autostrain 21 days old


Maybe post a picture of your plant? Ak47 is a pretty forgiving strain.

I wouldn’t recommend you do anything else to it.

Start your bloom nutrients to coincide with the one month Mark and you should see pistils soon.



If you top a auto it should be done in weeks two or three at The latest before it starts to flower
But I recommend if new to growing you just leave them be and let them run there course once you have a better understanding you can try to top or fim them imo


Hey I topped my autos and let me look and see on or about what day I topped them. I’m a newbie and I feel my autos responded well and I got more than the estimated wet and dry weed from all my autos. I looked back at my post on autos and I topped my four autos on day 18 which at that point all plants except 1 had 5 to 6 sets of leaves. So if I did it again it will be around end of week two to week three. Just my opinion as I will say autos can be topped


Autos can be topped @Onlythebest79
Just need to be done before they start flowering just like photos most auto will flower between weeks 3-4
Its not advised for a first time grower to try this because they have a lot to learn
Crawl before you walk type of thing


agreed! @Countryboyjvd1971


Yes I agree with you @Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 on crawling before you walk. I also believe less is sometimes more for beginners as we want the best and fastest results. Not knowing that a lot of people on this site have been growing and doing this for a while.


There is a very simple answer …
Anytime you top or cut or FIM or monster crop ie (pinching the stems) your plant will need to recover from it… :wink:
I would suggest that you bend your plant over with (LST) low stress training… no recovery time needed… plant won’t skip a beet… by taking the top of the plant and bending it over to the bottom , your going to cause the plant to give more hormones to the rest of the plant , which will turn it into a bush… long story short… do some reading… :wink:

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@peachfuzz I agree with ya. Did that LST to my plants in my main grow…though I did do some fimming earlier in the grow and it turned my plants into bushes. Plants that normally grow tall. Like gold leaf.


I topped and LSTed my plant and she didn’t skip a beat. But everyone doesn’t do their plant the same and yes read up on it before doing anything to make sure you are doing her right. I agree with @peachfuzz on that topping will make your plant bushy but by topping you’ll get more colas because the plant will divert energy into forming bud sites on the rest of the plant. So to me there really is no right or wrong answer to topping of autos. I feel and think it’s really up to your comfort level


Guys just remember you can do training on autos justbmews to be done at least he right time as @peachfuzz mentioned the recovery time needs to be figured in ans agian when your a newbie on your first run you wont have the ability to judge your plants
Like someone who has more experience @Onlythebest79 @CannabisLover89
And at 21 days you should start to flower very soon
Training on autos needs to start around week 2
Also remember the more stresss you put the plant threw the slower it will grow stress sloqsbthem down cause of recovery time :+1:



Lolking good @CannabisLover89