Topping auto flower


Hey guys, this is my first grow from ilgm seeds. I have 5 babies going right now. My question is, can you top autoflower plants and if you can, when is the right time to do it. Thanks guys!


Most people here don’t top autos because they don’t handle the stress very well. I’m sure it can be done, but it’s probably not recommended.


best to LST them @Jrock9435 from what i have learned.
@raustin is right too…


Well I have 5 going going to experiment with them, i.e. use different nutes on 2 of them and the other 2 a different nute and then the single one, no nutes just water and see how it goes. So maybe the single plant too her and see what happens.


I have been doing some research on it. Best time to start that training? @BIGE


Yes, you can top an auto-flowering plant that is growing fast and healthy. For example if it has grown at least 4-5 nodes (pairs of “real” leaves) by the end of week 2. Otherwise it may not be growing fast enough to handle topping without getting stunted.


look up scrog @Jrock9435 on here
i like to let mine grow into my net which is around 20’’ tall with adjustable legs
but that is me…please read up and make something work for you.
i grow shorter indicas so you may need taller scrog screen if growing sativa.


These are lowryder autoflower and from what I’ve read, they only get about 18 inches tall. I will do my research but it does look like the best option.


you could go lower i guess but 18’’ is just an estimate…lol


Oh I hope she’s short and bushy. But I will def try this method. Thanks buddy


@BIGE that info was from the website so we shall see. My next round, in 4 weeks those will be some white widow photo seeds.


white widow is a great strain @Jrock9435 ,i’m smoking on some now!


I just got my first auto flower seeds in the mail last week, I went with the Big Bud Auto Female seeds, I was wondering the same thing about topping them, I am planning on setting up a sgrog


I do top and or FIM my autos

This is a ilgm wwa that has been topped and fim. With autos you only have about a 2 week window that you can top in imo


Here’s my wwa that was topped

here’s the under structure and a close up of canopy Uploading…


nice job @HornHead


We have all these great results topping and fiming why do people say they recommend thay you don’t top or FIM autos


@BIGE Hey bud, it’s been a minute. I had 5 seeds, 3 popped and look healthy. The other 2 were replaced. I’m doing to the papertowel method, how long should I wait bedore I know they are duds? They have been on the towel going on 96 hours now. I am kinda disappointed with these seeds. As of now I am having a 40 percent success rate with autoflower seeds. Any help would be appreciated.


this was posted by my buddy bob awhile back


I had five auto Big Bud seeds and 3 popped after 48 hrs then I just left the two seeds that I figured were duds in the paper towel and kept it wet but just when I was about to throw them away one week later another seed popped lol, I am glad I waited lol, now I have three plants way bigger them one