Topping auto flower s

Do you have to top auto flower plants. Are they even topable or do you just let them grow the way they want.

Do not top your auto flower! It will stunt the growth. They have a set life span and any stress will slow down that growth. You could get away with some low stress training possibly. Watch a guy on you-tube called NVclostetmedgrower. He’s growing one now and walks you thru the training process and why he’s doing it. He also has a how to grow series that goes from seedling to curing. He’s really good. Hope this helps.

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It sure does. I would have made a big mistake. Thanks for the advice

At what stage or do you give an auto nutrients at anytime or at what stage of growth . This auto flower is new to my standards , I’m somewhat ancient to all the new methods , but surely I know how to grow any photosynthesis plant , just never experienced an auto . Suggestion considered on feeding ?

You start giving Auto nutrients the same as all other MJ plants; When you see 4-5 alternating, or true sets of leaves, you have enough roots to begin feeding. I have als0o found that Auto prefer a lighter solution, and I try to keep mine around 800-900 ppm. I went up to 1100 ppm, but the smell change from super sweet to fragrant. Once I diluted the solution down to 900, plant fragrance went back to normal.

Over the past 10 years of mentoring MJ enthusiasts, I have noticed the changing smell during grows. I can tell when seeds develop, because the smell changes drastically. In this Auto grow, I came to the realization that you can smell the plant and determine if you mix is too strong. Weird, huh? Later :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed real robust plants does have a more urgent scent than plants growing slower …I did noticed the change of smell while I was growing feeding lightly to more heavy . Once I found the max feeding not only the growth went into vigorous growth , but it got real pungent .