Topping and trimming questions

I’m a little bit confused as to when a plant is considered to be flowering, I’m growing outdoors, and one of my plants (10 weeks from seed) is showing pre flowers with little white pistols coming out.
Can I still top this plant, or is it considered to be flowering?
Also, when growing outdoors is topping beneficial, as well as the super cropping technique.
I just trimmed out all my inner foliage and removed the lower suckers and tiny chutes to promote more top growth, I removed everything below the third node on every branch, is this correct?
Thanks in advance.

Pistils coming out the middle of the tops = Flowering, and if you can see them it’s already closer to week 2 of flowering imho.

Not sure if you’re talking about the plant simply showing sex closer to the stem nodes? Would only be a few pistils vs popping on the tops, etc

Topping for sure increases yield whether indoor or outdoor, produces more tops but doing it now would prolly shock the plant - you might get away with it this early on tho.

Cleaning the undercanopy bueno, just don’t go nuts and cut too much at once - it’s outdoor after all!

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I’m just seeing pistols at the nodes right now on one plant, plus One has female parts but no pistol yet, and the third on still shows no sex yet.
I’m just curious as to when I should be switching over to a flowering nutrient, I’m using General hydroponics grow, just don’t want to top them and stunt them etc, we still get like 16 hrs of daylight right now and won’t see 12 hrs till September, so will thes plant not glower till the light cycle gets to 12 hrs?
When do you consider the flowering stage to begin?

Sounds like just showing sex as they approach that certain height/age.

You’ll want to keep using your grow nutes in conjunction with starting the bloom nutes, going from a 50-50 blend to eventually all bloom nutes - and you’ll definitely know when theyre going off as there will be a boom in growth and then lots of pistils when they start to flower.

In my area (Norcal) the natural flip is right around early-mid August, doesn’t need to be 12/12 to start that process outdoors. GH nutes are good, look into Advanced Nutrients (Iguana Juice for sure) and BioBizz too.

Here’s a few pics of the plants, and a photo of the pistils.

The pistils are on the first plant.

These are my SS plants in my veg garden.

The top ones are the smaller of a group of 3. The bottom one is the largest. I dont have them in a screen just tomatoe cages. I’m just wondering if i need to trim the “suckers” like on my tomatoes

Healthy happy gals lilnuggs, showing off their lady parts!

Look out for the “buttons” at the center of the heads in the next month or so I reckon, that’s the real party time.

Fell free to continue training as you want, those shoots at the bottom won’t do much good imho, can trim those off and send growth upwards.

Keep it up :v:

LOL I got confused at to which pics were which for a sec - that “bottom shoots” bit was for Pnaz1

tbf both y’all have healthy looking girls going

I grew a couple SS last year, vigorous beauties with nice yield, LST/Topping - off to a good start for sure!

Always a good idea to clean up the bottom/undercanopy, I’d even go further and slowly remove the bottom shoots to direct plant growth up and out.