Topping and non topping

Id top my plants on there 8th nodes well
The plants gots super BUSHEY and she looks great plus its going A lot quicker. Normally when you top her in the beginnit takes a long time for her to snap out of it and start growing again. I don’t know about you but for me electricity means a lot. So if I can get the same amount of yield by topping her at the end and sending all of her energy to the bottom which will in turn make her super bushy. Look at all the other plants that have been topped they look super bushy but super long on the bottom end. I want a super bushy plant not tall and grows quicker. And plus get the same amount of yield that you would get from a topped plant. You will get the same amount of yield by doing it thisway and you will save money in electricity and grow it a lot faster. When you top a plant it takes a longer time for her to grow you have to support her cause she’s so tall, But how about if you can get the same amount of yield by not having to do that.
Simply top your plant after the 8th or 9th node she will direct all her energy to the bottom. And tell me try it at least to one of your plants and you will see. It’s all about getting the same yield but yet in faster time.


Or just bend it over and tie it down and get the same yeild if not more from no stress at all from topping.

I do both alone and both to the same plant if i need to.
But I try to get and even canopy without topping, if i can great but sometimes it takes topping or croping to keep things kinda even…



I know I’m finding out that topping in the beginning there’s ALOT of more work and time when you just let the plant do its own thing.and when u super crop everything is on the top,like you said by just bending it over you hVe a bunch of sprouts

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Look at it its starting to even out so im getting the same Results

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I suggest trying to combine all your questions about your grow in one topic, so you have a journal or log of your early inquiries for all of your plants in one consolidated space.

It makes it easier for us to help you along and helps you get consistent responses from growers following along

Just a thought. Happy growing.