Topping and general observations

Hi all,
I’m a first time grower and need some advice or observations on my progress if you be so kind.

I’m growing outside on a rooftop in organic soil, 7gallon fabric pots.
2 super silver feminised and 2 Durban poison feminised
I just topped of the 3 plants 2 SS and 1 DP. The difference in size is a problem with a supplier, the small one started 2 weeks later.


Q: can you overwater in fabric pots? How often should I water? I’m also growing tomatoes as a camouflage and they drink a lot…o

When is the time to do a second topping and which part of plant?
How do the plants look to you? The damages to leaves are done by my cat, that’s why there is the netting around.

My fourth plant I want to grow outside, in an abandoned area, with lots of sun, dry ground, saw lots of snails on grass. I will bring soil etc…
What are the pests to worry about?
Thanks for any info and observations…


Hey @faster you’re plants are looking good so far. I’m a a hydro grower but I’ll try to help ya. I’m pretty sure you can over water any pot so keep that in mind. You probably should water every couple days depending on how hot it is out. You could always check the soil for moisture if you’re unsure. As for topping you probably want to top the tallest part of the plant to make her more bushy and encourage lower growth. Just my guess though. As for bugs to worry about there are tons such as spider mites, thrips those snails you saw etc…I suggest you buy some food grade DE and put it all over the plant even if you see no bugs. I’m not completely sure what else you can do to prevent bugs but I’m sure someone will chime in and help you out on that.


@faster your plants look great :+1:
Yes you can over water even in fabric pots
You should water when the top two inches of the soil is dry outdoors they may dry out faster but every other day at most
As far as pest you need to worry about cats rodents and bugs
Depending on your regional location
I do have one question tho
The Durban poison is it a ilgm strain I believe our Durban poison :skull_and_crossbones:️ are reg seeds meaning they may be male and need to be sexed ?


Thank you for replying.:grinning:
I will pay attention to watering…
I live South of France on med coast.
Unfortunately I discovered ILGM after I ordered my 3 seeds from Holland.
…3 weeks later lol…
Then I discovered a great local shop that sells seeds, organic soil and supplies and is knowledgeable, from whom I bought Super Silver, that’s why Durban Poison is smaller, about 2 weeks late. Top photo.

The toppings are about 3-4 days old, (recuperating fast) and the shoots are growing out…
The bigger plants are ~month and a half old, do the correspond to average size?
Have nice weekend


Its All good @faster doesn’t really matter where you got them i was just curious because we dont sell feminized Durban?
With that said we will still assist you the best we can
Very nice :+1: france is a beautiful country
I was able to do some traveling threw your wonderful country when i was in the Army back in the late 80s early 90s
Would live to revisit someday with my wife
As stated earlier your grow is looking great
Keep me posted
Ive grown the super silver its a great strain

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Thanks, glad to be a part of this community

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Garlic is a good companion plant for the girls. Very pretty


Thanks @Laurap, besides pretty, and maybe masking odor, is it true it repels pests?

Another thing, when I topped them off, the bottom photo shows a double growth, the top photo shows the normal topping where only one pair of leaves is growing.

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Welcome to the community
Girls look great good job

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Thanks appreciate it, they look healthy, I’m excited about LST, my first plant training and because even though I’m on a rooftop I can’t have Christmas trees growing…

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Great for pests as well as food grade de. Mint works a little but they seem to hate the garlic. Your girls looks perfectly normal & healthy!
Happy Growing!

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I’m concerned more with your fourth photo. Looks like you have signs of possible spider mites. My lower leaves looked like that as well. My stem was also turning white. After closer inspection of the stem and medium I had little spider mites crawling around. Just be careful and inspect your medium closely with a picture phone or something and see if you have anything crawling around. Better safe than sorry. :innocent: Happy growing!

This was the best picture I could get of one of the spider mites.


Thanks a lot for your observation. I will check it out very thoroughly.

I had a few aphids on tomatoes and a few other little unknown bugs…spray treatments of black soap and Neem oil got rid of them.
One of my cats chewed on those leaves…already while back…

Just checked and I didn’t see anything…(I hope I’m right)…the holes are from the rascals teeth.
Must say, the plants smell sooooo good.

And here’s the culprit

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Awe cute :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

At least you noticed it, That’s all that matters! Here’s another cheap remedy/ protection if you need any. I actually ordered them Friday and just arrived today to treat my mites.

Safer Brand 5110-6 Insect Killing Soap, 32 oz.

DiatomaceousEarth Food Grade 10 Lb

I thought you might like it.:grinning:
And you notice the piece of weed on him? Booom, guilty! Couldn’t talk his way out!

Seriously, I take bugs and insects very seriously, because they already destroyed some plants and trees. Still I will keep an eye on them…

Thanks for the links, I checked them out, since it’s a US product, (no shipping to EU), I’d have to find something similar.


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I’m getting a small hand microscope: Carson Micro Brite Plus 60-120x because some of those pests are microscopic…

Second problem is my cat…this morning I caught him red handed chewing on my small plant…

Are there any organic remedies like oils or hot pepper or garlic, whatnot?
Tonight I’m spraying with black soap and Neem oil to prevent aphids…

What can I do to dissuade the cat??..


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I grow indoors, @Mrcrabs might have some organic pet deterrents to offer.


It looks like you have the pest covered @faster but cats I’ve never delt with, but maybe planting some catnip close to your plant, as a treat for your cat?


Hi everybody, this morning I discovered these yellowing leaves.
What is it indication of in general?
Could it be lack of water? Or too much? The rest of the plant is doing good, growing nice and green.


PS cat lost interest completely.