Topping and FIM-ing

First time grower and looking for some advice. I topped my plants at the 5th node. Glad I did as they have bushed out nicely and have 2 new main stems. However, I have read that FIM-ing can produce more than 2 main stems. Here is my question.

  1. Since I have topped once should I top one more time? What if I FIM the second time instead of top?

  2. Should I have FIm the first time? If so, should I top, FIM or do nothing the second opportunity?

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Some folks top multiple times. I usually top 2 or 3 times before flowering.

This is acceptable too. Take your pick.

Topping produces 2 mains (4 mains on the second topping.) FIMing can produce more than 2 tops, though this is not always the case.

This is a good time to top.

If your plants are autos, I wouldn’t top them or FIM them. Autos can be twitchy and the risk of harm can be greater than the potential benefit.


So are you saying to just Lst, if no top or fim with auto?

I wouldn’t top or FIM and auto. Autos can be twitchy and you never know when they are going to flower.

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So many theories and opinions on this. Makes for hard decision. How bout Lst for the auto. Gotta get some light inside there ya know?

Go for it if all you plan on doing is some defoliation.

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Jump on in if you like.PR first real grow and 2x4 grand opening not sure if ive tagged you yet. But I shall.