Topping abdominal low stress training autos?

Should I top and low stress train a auto?

There seems to be a time frame for topping autos. I topped one of my autos and it did really well. I topped it between the 4th and 5th node. I would either top it, and wait for it to recover before doing LST. Or you could just go with LST by itself.


As long as it’s growing vigorously, I top mine like at what @imSICKkid said, after 4th node. As long as you have at least 5 nodes by 14-20 days, go for it.

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Thank you

5 gal or 3 gal pot?

That depends on your grow space, veg time, and how large you want your plants to be.
Larger pots=larger plants


Auto’s with 6’ ceiling

If you are going to LST, your worry won’t be hight. Your issue will be depth space. My outdoor WWAs overspread their 7gal grow bags. @Growyourown is correct, bigger containers equal bigger plants.

This WWA is in a 5 gal container right before harvest last year.


Until you have a few auto grows under your belt, I recommend against any kind of HST. LST is absolutely recommended, though.


I’d go 5 gallon, just to ensure your roots can really grow huge. I use 5 gallon fabric pots, myself.


What s ideal temperature for indoor auto’s?