Topping a re-vegging Clone?

When should I top my blue cookies cutting? Its just now getting comfortable and growing new leaves. Im going to be scrogging this plant and trying different training methods… this is a clone from the 2nd plant ive grown indoors. So im still very much learning as i grow… Any help is much appreciated

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I wouldnt top it at all, in my opinion. It will grow many many tops that will be monsters

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I believe you can top around the 4-6 weeks for a clone. I may be off a little bit more experienced growers will know. @Countryboyjvd1971 @BIGE


Its a personal choice weather you top or not
If you chose to top it you can do it anytime its rerooted let it get nice and comfortable in the new home first
You dont want to stress it
Shes an adult and can be treated like one :point_up:
Here one i have its a lsd clone topped once and super cropped

Here another thats wasnt topped just super cropped

You can see the other one behind the one in bottom picture


Right on… So no topping and just training and scrog is enough? I just want to be sure I am on the right path for her full potential yield in Scrog… thanks buddy

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Thanks… I’m going to be giving her some time to get comfortable and also should I put her in a 7 gallon fabric now or is she to small for 7 right now… i just want to transplant her 1 time . I cut and put her in the 1 gallon shes in now on 8/18… trying not to shock and rush this grow…now that I have 2 plants under my belt im seeing my mistakes and learning a lil more each grow…i was thinking for this one top and train the two new shoots to the side (manifold)and i just ain’t sure when to begin