Topping a plant. Never done it

So i got two photo plants going and they are both at the same stage.

I am a new grower and want to top this plant:

Do i just scissor out that middle growth?


Wait till you have at least 5-6 nodes (branch’s) then just cut above the nodes you want to keep. Also leave a little bit of stem above wear you cut, it helps to keep the main stem from splitting when you lst. I’ll tag you in on my journal so you can see what you’ll eventually have

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So you think i should hold out? And top on the next level growth?

4th or 5 set of “true” leaves ------- just wait; know it’s hard to wait -healthy looking plant

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Thanks steve 2

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are you using a root stimmulator like Great White< Orca, ect this stuff is necessary all the time - great looking plant

Ive never heard of that.

I started the plant with coast of maine potting soil (great stuff) then mixed it with coast of maine lobster compost, a couple handfuls of dehydrated cow manure, and the ground soil. Planted these directly in the ground

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Id be interested in a root stimulator. I will check it out. However, im doing all organic so if its synthetic i will not be using

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A rabbit bit the leaf @steve2


Are these ready now?

Cut the middle shoot?

if it has 4 - 5 sets of “true” leaves a bit longer - one week at least want to get some good development, cut middle shoot ? you mean cut the stalk after the 5th node. hey! root you top you top

so judging by those pictures, does it seem like time?

There is a shoot in between the uppermost leaves.


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let it grow for about another week - let a little plant development - remember to feed after you top - do you have a clonning gel ?

I do not.

still need to identify gender though. what is the cloning gel for?

I put some fertilizer into the soil already. I add more after topping though?

How big should the shoot be before topping it?


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clonning jel (Clone-x is one) it cover the cut and provides special bacteria and nutrients necessary for proper rooting and growth. highly suggest get some and try it. (amason has many kinds) plants look great as long as the leaf structure on the other “tops” is of good size - remember feed plant after topping. let it go 4-5 more days? Looking Good , plants look healhy


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Hows it look lol

Your plants look great , if anything a little close to each other but not too big of a deal.Now that you have topped your plant you will have 2 new top branches instead of 1. I would start to tie these branches down as they get longer, preferably in a direction away from your other plant. This will maximise your light exposure and give both plants some room to branch out without overcrowding each other. The lower branches on both plants will grow quicker and become main colas themselves.Keep bending and tying them down until flowering starts and your yield will increase dramatically… Good luck.

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do you recommend scrogging?-first time grower here.

and how long should i wait until supercropping?


what should i tie them down to lol?