Topping a bud for bigger buds

It’s already got some nice cola so if they back build they are gonna get massive if I see noticeable changes I may just do the rest of her

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I have 3 bag seed plants going (for s&gs), along with my real grow. I’d be willing to try this on one of the bag seed girls. They’re probably 3 weeks from harvest, though. Too late in the grow, you think?

I would think yes it’s too late. I would probably look at doing it from day 30-40 in flower? About half way through? With 3 weeks left you don’t see new length in the flower…more of a filling in and fattening up.


@blackthumbbetty @Daddy I don’t know for sure but I guess the best timing is in the middle way, not too early and not too late

I’m not sure if you are talking about mine but looks can be deceiving she’s still got 4 to 5 weeks to go

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Make sure you’re not just cutting the hairs off. You gotta get in there and cut some stem, just like topping it.

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Yep you have to get just the very tip of the stem my pics aren’t great I was trying to take pic with one hand and cut with the other at the same time so it took about 4 cuts to get everything off I wanted to that’s why I showed the pic of the cuts after so you can see the top is gone lol. But definatly thanks for making sure this was done properly.

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No brother I was answering black thumbs question lol