Topping a bud for bigger buds

Happy Saturday everyone.
This idea at first may seem horrifying and yet I’d not dare do it, specially to an auto plant, but it seems the opinions on the goodness of this procedure are divided among growers. Is there anyone out there that may shed some light on this technique or comment from his/her experience?

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I haven’t done any bud building training but have seen some with great success. They say cutting the tip causes the bud to start backbuilding and getting denser and wider instead of longer


@Sirsmokes would you dare do that to an autoflowering plant which are so picky about topping and other training?

I guess the auxins may go down and thicken the rest of the bud as it happens when toppin during vegetative growth but at flowering stage I don’t know, someday I’ll pluck up courage to try it.

Yea I wouldn’t hesitate to try it on a couple side shoots

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Perhaps topping many buds at a time may stress the plant so much as to her withering and dying

Honestly I will set this to watching and tonight I will do it to my white widow auto she still has 4 more weeks. I will post a cpl pics on your page tonight my lights come on a 10 pm


I don’t think it’s high stress on them all you are doing is sending them a signal to fatten up instead of grow longer

Good luck!! I’ll follow you and try it too, i have 4 auto’s still to go for two or three weeks to harvest

One more question, would you do this when it has come time for lights on or lights off?

I will do it as soon as lights come on but I’m not to sure it would matter either way

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I did it to my wwa, when lights come on I’ll show you pics. Actually, I’ll tag you in you can check it out whenever you like. I’m pretty sure I got pics up. But yep, bud exploded into new growth up top. Damn near tripled the top of bud


Thank you @HornHead

Have the buds split into more buds or just fattened up?

Here there are pics. I disinfected with alcohol the scissors and then I topped some buds. I hope the plants not becoming hermies because of major stress, I’ve worked a lot on these babies :cold_sweat:


I’m interested to see how they respond. Keep us posted :+1:


I will join and post pics in 6 hrs


I would like to see how this goes… very interesting. What week of flower? 3 weeks maybe by the picks. Good luck!

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Can you tag me too please :wink:

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Alright here’s mine

Here’s the cuts and here’s the buds that I took them from so we can check pics in a week or so

And here’s the wwhole plant