Topped plant yesterday night

I topped my plant above the 4th node last night. Attached a pic to show all of you. It looks like the shoots everyone has described to me are growing still. And as recommended by another user, put honey on the spot where I cut at to prevent air from getting into it. Considering the shoots are are still growing, I assume I did this right!


Going to leave her be for a few days so she can recover. But the little shoots have more light now so I’m assuming these shoots will start springing up once she’s not in shock. But I still noticed last night they were still small even after I cut. And she’s still growing regardless. Very easy and clean cut with the pruning scissors I have.


Looking good :+1:


It was very nerve-racking because I thought I was gonna mess something up. But also somebody told me topping is not a complicated process I think I was just overthinking it lol


I always top my plants , like the bush style plant more than a Christmas tree. Snip the last growth. You may have snipped two but she will be fine. Good luck :+1::v:


Looking good, you’ll see 2 more tops in the next few days :love_you_gesture:

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Looking good bro :muscle: stress less and watch her grow… many changes coming your way as she gets bigger so relax it’ll be ok… great group of people that are willing to help you :+1:

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The only thing really alarming me is this little brown spot I’m trying to figure out what it is!