Topped ladies, should I cut fan leaves

A question from a fellow grower:

Hey…I have a question now that I’ve topped my lil ladies at the 3rd nobe the fan leaves are so big that their covering the cola branches,is it ok to cut they or should I just let them alone?

be patient gently move Fan leaves aside do not trim cut them off will only slow down plant growth

Look up LST (Low Stress Training) in articles here or You-Tube has a bunch of clips that are very helpful ! Agree with Donaldj, do not cut off the big fan leaves, it will slow your plant growth WAY down and your yield might suffer greatly. Good Luck. Jerry

You can all ways use the “bending method” no cutting just bending the fans leaves -thus - leaving them on - if bending doesn’t work cut them off (last resort !!!) agree with others