Topped at 9 weeks--how much shorter will they be?

I’m a first time grower I’ve just topped my white widow feminized from seed that I started May 10 on Long Island, NY. The plants are in 30-gallon grow bags and range from 12-16" in height. They all appear very healthy. I fertilize with tomato fertilizer weekly (18-18-21, npk). I don’t over-water, but I always water when temps reach close to or over 90°. I was not interested in extensive training, but I don’t want monster heights either. If I just pruned the tiny little shoot at the top of each plant yesterday, what is the likely amount of height I’ve likely stunted? (A rough percentage is fine too.)

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You will have better results with a proper cannabis fertilizer. Fox Farm’s Trio, Advanced Nutrients, and Jacks are all good brands.

None. Topping will produce a shorter plant, but will increase yields at the same time.

There is no fixed height to expect. She will get as tall as you let her grow (assuming a photoperiod plant.)

As far as stunting goes, topping can produce a pause in visible growth for a day or 2, but many plants truck right through a topping like it didn’t happen as long as they are healthy.

Keep in mind that cannabis stretches up to 200% in the first couple of weeks following the start of flowering. This is called the “stretch.” It’s not uncommon for cannabis to double in size during the stretch.

Welcome for a fellow long Islander Picture would help we have a lot of time left so they could get big I’m more of an indoor grower but do have a few plants outside every year but always seam to get eaten by some type of wildlife good luck and wellcome