Topical neuropathic pain salve help please

I am a new grower, long time user…lol!!

My question: I am looking to find a strain of marijuana that i can grow indoors through the winter months, and outdoor for spring and summer. I need guidance on a strains that will be best for making pain salves for topical use in relieving the following:

1)SEVERE Chronic Neuropathy pain
2)SEVERE CONSTANT(24/7) Chronic nerve pain due traumatic nerve damage.

I just dont know enough yet to know if I need a high THC, or high CBD producing strain!

Please help!! My father is in such severe pain he talks of suicide. He uses salves made by a friend of mine that truly help relieve the pain but the strains he uses are only indicative of the strains he can pick up for free from locals. Now that I have seen this miraculous and Devine plant, gift him relief from his destructive pain… I am committed to creating a salve from a strain best suited to this specific problem, rather than just rely on radon availability of free strains…if that makes any sense?

So please inform and guide me to the right strain…any and all suggestions welcome. But please include with the suggestion the following:

  1. why do you suggest the strain.
  2. whether it is best grown indoors or out.
  3. if known… any links associated with the strain that you would suggest I read.
  4. any information you feel would be of value to my current situation.


if I am lucky I may be able to convince my father to consume edibles, but he ABSOLUTLEY REFUSES to vape, or smoke…

Thank you in advance for any HELP!
God Bless


@Majiktoker saw this post should that recipe you gave me a while back be good for this guy ???
Good luck @MacGuyverMedic :v:CB

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It should help with that @Countryboyjvd1971 just might have to make it stronger

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Best of luck to you. You’ve come to the right place for help. There is a wealth of knowledge here and lots of folks that are willing to help.:v:

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I seen a chart with what strain help what problem you have somewhere not sure.
@bob31 do you know.

Which recipe I don’t see a recipe that is posted here do you think maybe you can repost the recipe for me please

I will post the recipe for you @MacGuyverMedic

From @Majiktoker

16 0z’s of coconut oil
1-2 Oz’s of sugar trim or flowers, using flowers them selves you’ll have a
stronger affect (relieving affect)
1 oz of beeswax
1 tablespoon of vitamin e oil
Get a saucepan, melt the coconut oil. Throw in the flowers or trim when oil starts melting. Then let it simmer for 1-2 hours DO NOT boil. After an hour or 2 whenever product darkens and starts to get crispy (preferably once crispy because you will strain). Remove all crispy trim from coconut oil and leave on low flame, than that’s when you’ll mix in the one oz of beeswax and once all the beeswax is melted shut flame down and immediately stir in vitamin e oil do not wait to add because it will start to solidify once removed from heat. After vitamin e oil is mixed in get storage container or containers and put in the container(s) than stick in fridge. Also optional
but if you want to add fragrant to the salve you may do so at the same time you add vitamin e oil
Do not freeze but after put it in fridge for one hour to cool.


I will try to help you with the rest of your questions with regards to the strains. First there is a lot of information on the internet. Most of it is pretty good but there is a lot of BS out there too!

High CBD: The best way to get high CBD at this moment id to purchase CBD oil from hemp. It is available all over the internet and I have bought from 4 or 5 sources. I can recommend places to buy from.

I’m typing this and assuming you are in the US. If you are are you in a state with Medical MJ? If not what continent are you on at least so we can make recommendations to you?


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Thanks @bob31

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Thanks @bob31 @Majiktoker
Hope this helps @MacGuyverMedic

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I’m in a state that it’s legal you can just walk into a store and buy it. And you’re allowed to grow for plants on your property for recreational use. So I have Limitless access I just need to know what kind of strain I need to grow to make my own oil or salve to apply to my dad’s lower legs and feet to relieve him of his nerve pain. @bob31

Thank you very much for your time and effort to help me out with this. Now I just need to locate a strain with high CBD that auto flowers so that I can start a rotation of plants coming in and going out cut make a consistent supply of salves for my dad. Again thank you so much for your time and for the recipe

Search the internet for “seedfinder”. look in the database for strains you can get that have high CBD. Call around to local dispensaries to see if they have clones of that strain. A bit easier than having seeds shipped and sprouting them. Grow your plants (everybody here will help you), and harvest them when most trichomes are amber. That optimizes for high CBD. You can find good cannabutter and such recipes here, too. Use this to make cookies. Titrate the dose carefully: Overdose is not fun. Not serious, just not fun. Edibles probably work better than creams.

Here is the problem. Most strains that are high in CBD are not what you would consider high in CBD.

I went to my local dispensary and got cannatonic. It is the highest strain I could locate.

[TAC: 22.5%] THCA: 0.6%, THC: 0.1%, CBGA: 0.5%, CBD: 0.6%, CBDV: 1.1%, CBDA: 19.6%

So those numbers are verified with laboratory testing. But the reality is that is you order 4 seeds of cannatonic, because of the different phenotypes you could wind up with four different phenotypes.

Medium high THC and medium low CBD
Medium high CBD and medium low THC

You would have to grow the four plants and submit all four from testing to determine which have the high (or higher CBD) and which ones don’t.

I also live in a free state and this is something I have been investigating for nearly a year. Unfortunately it isn’t as easy as some folks would have you believe!

Now with all that being said, THC is not active when absorbed through the skin. So in theory if your making salve then any strain rated as a high CBD should be good enough.

For me and my wife, I buy pure CBD oil rated at 250mg per 30ml. I know exactly what I have got and exactly what to use.

Here is what ILGM Considers to be Medical Strains with High CBD

Have a look through that list and see if any of those appeal to you and we can talk about them. Narrow the list to two or three and we can go from there! @MacGuyverMedic

If you do grow some high CBD strains, and want to keep the good one(s), you can. What you do is grow some plants to harvest, then pick the top 2/3 of each plant and keep the bottom intact. Then reveg them all by putting them under 18/6 light and giving them vegetative nutes. This will make them into mother plants. Label your mothers and label their harvest carefully so you know which is which.

Lab test or use oil from each different plant on your dad to see which one has high CBD. If you do low temperature extraction, the THC-A will not get converted to THC, which he may prefer. THC-A does not affect us. Once you have figured out which plant is best, toss the others and use that mother plant to make clones. Mother plants can last for years, but you can also use a clone of her to make a new mother. Keep mothers under weak 18/6 lights and very week vegetative nutes. You don’t want a lot of growth other than some new shoots you can clip for clones.

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