Topic :seems like I see alot of short little plants

How to grow bigger plants just some tips been doing this for years like to share nor cal.



Use natural sunlight.
Plant outdoors.
Document everything.
Read a lot.
Make mistakes.
Learn what you did wrong.
Keep doing the things that are successful.
Read journals of people that grow like you want to grow.
As you grow and journal your grows, document everything you do and tag those growers you follow when you have questions.
That’s my advice.


If you want taller plants you can always turn down/raise your light to force them to stretch. I like to stretch mine a little.

Bugs i hate bugs moths lay eggs at night .no I’ve noticed lots auto growers out there i tried time one gave the rest of seeds away . I like big non bushy plants big yields and I stuff my room full thats the way learn if can grow 16 in a 4×4 go for it .I average 2.5 lb but if u can 16 u can grow 2


These were planted on mothers day.that how I leard as dad mom go out the garden put some plant it just norm to me .all stains heavy hitter good yields 3to4 lbs for an experienced grower.all from northern California i seen plants get over 20lbs my friend if he sees roadkill he picks it up freezes it ti spring rotten salmon all kinds stuff he grow some not that extreme