Topic Controls/Invite no longer working? test

I’m trying to find out if this option is no longer available for everyone or if it’s some kind of glitch I’ve been having the last couple days?

  • Thanks in advance

Don’t know , but I can no longer upload pics from my phone for about the last week, the button have gone.

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Hey guys,

So I hear the following is not working:

  • invite
  • upload pics from phone

I heard the Discourse platform had some trouble over the weekend. Not sure if it’s related but I’ll look into it

just testing this upload from desktop

edit this is a post edit :smiley:
edit I invited @latewood to test the invite function :smiley:

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Testing a mobile upload

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Testing phone upload

Support testing mobile upload

Well I was able to reproduce the Invite option not working by impersonating you guys and took it up with the platform support.

@coltfire As you can see I was able to upload from mobile through impersonating you. The only thing I can think of is something’s up on your end. Wouldn’t know what it could be though…

@ILGM_Support Well as of now ,my buttons are back ,but for the last week , half the buttons we’re gone

@coltfire That’s too weird… Invite as well?

So… ? ( the invite function’s still not working )