Tophat’s first tent 2x2 sour diesel auto

Alright i was thinking the same thing ill do like i did the other one

Hope they finish the same time tho…if that week difference doesnt hurt her

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I’ve heard great things about Mephisto genetics.

I just ordered some Sour Diesel autos (different breeder), I’ll start one in a few weeks.

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It’s a wicked good smoke, you will be glad you went with the sour D :grin:

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Yeah, it’s popular for a reason. The thing closest that I’ve tried was something from the dispensary a long while ago, it was their in-house strain called New York Sour. It was energetic, mostly I wanted to listen to music and dance. I’ll see how close it comes to that. From what I’ve read, the strain effects of SD matches my experience of the dispensary’s NY Sour better than New York Diesel. At any rate, I doubt I’ll be disappointed. :smiley:

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It smells heavenly too! :grin:

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Here’s the result of the three that grew in the one gallon pots in the corners. I don’t have a weight on them yet but I will report back after they go in grove bags. I’m guessing another 2-2.5 oz. The buds aren’t quite as dense but they are still frosty. These went to about 20% amber.


Hell yeah bro how big did they end up getting in that 1gallon?

And also what keeps the plant from getting rootbound in such a small pot?

They just about maxed out my height in my tent, I could have rearranged the light hangers and gotten another foot, so I’m guessing 36 inches above the pot. I never really measured them. The tops were the height that the light is in the picture, I had it up as high as I could get it on the ratchets. Notice where the crease is in the back wall lol This is the only picture that really shows size scale in my tent. The second picture is one of the last pictures of them, notice the mostly white pistils, I think they grew another 3 weeks after that picture was taken.

The fabric pots air prune the roots and instead of growing a few thick big roots it makes them grow lots of fine roots. When I emptied the pots it was almost all fine roots.

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Damn bro i see lookin good…i have a question if u dont mind…i have only watered till runoff 20% once, runoff was yellow which i beleive is indication of salt buildup, due to me not watering till runoff regularly…im guessing so my question is shes transitioning into flower and some of the sites have clawed leaves. Should i flush the ffof till runoff clear to start fresh as the soil has bout 35 days on it, and follow few days with micro grow bloom and big bud? Or should i continue to water increasing to 20% runoff regardless? I have no ppm meter!!! I KNOW RIGHT. What us your opinion pro grower?

Oh yeah have moisture meter didnt worry bout ph pen as i was gonna run the 3part ph balance with ffof buffer as well…gonna get one tho$$$$$

Even tho that grow was organic, I still always watered to 10-20% runoff and it always had a yellow color. Seems to me it’s just an all around good practice. It gives you a chance to check runoff ph and ppm and kinda get an idea what your next move is. I am by no means a pro, that was pretty much my first grow since my teens. I bought the ff trio and cal mag. If your not adjusting your ph after mixing it’s gonna lead to major issues, I mixed it once and just to see how it effected ph and it dropped it to 5

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Im giving her usually 32oz every 2 days in water…how much should i increase?

How big is your pot?

There in 3 gallon pots.

I water with only dasani its ph is like 6.5 and the micro grow bloom trio balances ph for you…and big bud ive heard good things…ima start 1/4 strength

My girls just nownow temp 76 hum 46


For my 3 gal pot my watering schedule was 1 gallon of cheap store brand spring water (ph-7, 250-300ppm) slowly poured one 16oz water bottle at a time, was perfect to give me the 10-20% runoff and I would do it on Wednesday morning and Saturday morning. For the 1 gal pots it was the same routine just 1/3 of a gallon poured the same way on the same schedule.
I used the cheapest store brand gallon jugs of spring water. Worked like a champ.

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Looking good. It wouldn’t hurt to do a soil slurry test to see where your soil ph is on your big one. I had issues with the ocean forest ph creeping down on me. It got as low as 5.4