Top your bud week 5 or 4

Time start to top your bud to get it fater week 5 dont remember or 4?

Be Nice to know its realy the Thing.

Let me know groerz


I’ve heard of topping buds in articles or videos, but I’m not aware of any studies to back it up. I know no one who actually does it.

Buds usually swell up fine without cutting them is my experience.


I personally wouldn’t top a formed bud unless there were foxtails. ( Stunting /stalled growth )
Heard you can trim foxtails back and redirect the growth into the buds but never tried it.
There’s a few that have but not sure who.



Over the years I’ve topped a lot of plants but I have never topped a bud. This would be new to me. Good luck happy growing ! :v::+1:


@Hellraiser does it in one of his journals with good results.

i tried it and got about 50% success rate although i tried with autos. probably better success with photos.

and yes week 4 or 5 is when i did it.


I’ve done it when they have gotten to close to the light and they end up like upside down bowling pins.


That’s also an old trick used by a few beeeders through the years to create something " new" fooled alot of folks too.

I don’t really know to be honest but i can say I have done alot of nugs like this when they would begin to fox tail mid or late flower and it seemed to work :man_shrugging:

Do you mean just topping the plant ?

I tried it once. I forget what they call it but it does make the very top of the bud fatter but not worth it imo.


are you talking about back budding? i did it last gro. jurys still out. seemed to work. going to experiment further this gro


back budding i think


Hellraiser does bud back building. He says week 5 is best he found so far. It is supposed to stop the vertical growth I believe and let it focus on getting fatter not taller or something along this lines. U do see a slight difference between ones topped and ones left alone. I tried it on the Sebring revenge I dropped and the 5 buds I topped did in fact get to be fatter around than the ones left alone.


@Hellraiser has explained this in one of his journals (bud Backing) should be done in week 5 or 6 and the pictures before and after confirmed bigger fatter buds
I followed his guide taking 1/4" off the top of 3 out of the 6 top buds on 2 different BD clones and the results were bigger more dense buds on the ones I back budded
I had 5 BD clones did half backing on 2 plants and on 1 plant did all tops it definitely made a noticeable difference you
could see and feel with just a glance with the naked eye
I will be doing it again
All 5 plants came in after drying to 62 RH between 6.6 and
7.6oz each I will go back later today and update this post to see if the weight was more/less on the plants between the ones I did or did not do


I could not prove any weight difference between the plants related to bud backing I did not keep good enough records
Next clone run I will keep better records
Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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I have tried it a couple of times. Day 42 they receive a little snip off the top.

It certainly changes the shape. It is rounder and less pointed. From a observational standpoint they look bigger. Are they actually??

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Good photo you show that make my bud get fater Nice week 5 thanks.
And fun all talk it got hehe.:call_me_hand::dart:

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Better for bag appeal but I doubt it added any noticable yield increase

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looking back through my pics of my G13 auto

This is the last photo I had pre-snip Dec-3

Then here is a pic on Dec-8 showing the snip

The snip actually happened Dec-5, which was day 1 of Week 5 of flower

And here is the same bud today, two weeks later


i notice some slight foxtailing (in a good way) around the snip