Top/Trim or No?

1st time with Auto. Runtz, Autoflower in a 3’ x 3’ Coolgrow room with King Led, 4 plants just coming up. Do I trim/top them like regular plants or do I just let them grow? Weather, soil, pots all good. Thank you for your experience, much Appreciated.

More info. How old. How tall. How many nodes. How about a pic to help decide.

Just planted Germinated seeds. Do I let then grow or?

Many growers won’t train autos at all other than to remove foliage to improve airflow in a mature plant. Autos are capable of flowering at any point between 2.5 and 12 weeks. Since growers don’t know when autos will flower they avoid doing things like topping that may over-stress the plant immediately before flowering.

Leave them alone and let nature take its course.


I made the mistake of trying to treat autos like photos my first go around. I royally screwed myself. So the second round of autos i did, i didnt touch. Heres the result…


I did lst. No topping. And foliage trimming. Heres my 4 autos.


I usually top my autos.
This one above the 6th node.

Her little sister above the 4th.

It depends on how they grow.

This one I topped but it never stretched at all. It just clumped up at the stalk. Yielded a little over an ounce and a quarter.

This one never branched at all. One big bud gave up one ounce.


Happy cannaversary @HMGRWN

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Thanks! Dave is my name too but they called me “crazy Dave”. LOL


I dont do anything but lst on autos. Why would i want less weed.


I’m currently in a run for my own curiosity of what would happen with one topped with LST training and one just let go.
They both popped the same day.

Here’s the one I just let go

I did pull the mains down to avoid foxtails.

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