Top soil mix, easy strains

A question from a fellow grower:

I think iv got my closet system set except im not sure what soil or medium to use …currently im using a 555 organic soil ,compost and vermiculite mix its something i came up with.i would rather mix my own but researched super soils with too many variences.Any suggestions? Plus any recomendations on the best and easist strain to start off with?

Consider “indica” strains as mentioned before easy to grow and can take abuse. The soil you mentioned will work OK, Fox farms Ocean is a good soil if you want to purchase it ($20.00). If first grow is soil it’s far easier than hydro and you than can have some fun with cultivation (Keep It Simple) After every grow one makes “adjustments” and there fore make you next grow all ways better than the last !!!

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That’s great advice Steve and that’s just what I’m going to do! (and I’m going to start with female autoflowers) :seedling:

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Keep use posted !!! Glad I could help