Top or training autos

With autos do u need to top or train autos

Most growers don’t train autos at all, as you have virtually no control over when they flower. Autos can also be twitchy when given training. It’s just not a good idea imho.

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Yeah I agree with @MidwestGuy. They really dont have time to recoup from stress, I dont touch mine at all,

Thanks much

I have had no problem with training my auto’s. How ever I DO NOT top them.

I use the LST method

I have 5 gg autos going, 2 I have fimmed, one I topped and fimmed and 2 I have left untouched besides some defoliation…unfortunately two of the ones i messed with i believe got too low of a ph and have gotten funky but the other one is the biggest and best one i have…almost positive I am close to the 6oz mark on it . One of the ones I didnt touch started flowering 3 weeks later than the other ones and is huge with over 100 bud sites so definitely curious what that will turn out like and the second one I havent touched is small but looks a solid maybe 3oz . It’s all a preference and whether you want to experiment in my opinion but you can definitely train autos I feel.

Depends on the strain as all autos are not the same. Strains like ILGM White Widow can be topped and should be topped in my opinion