Top or replant?

A question from a fellow grower:

My aerogarden is working great, plants are about 5 inches tall now and very vibrant (3 weeks). The lighting system is connected to the base unit so I’m restricted to about 10 inches of plant height growth.

QUESTION: Once I reach the maximum height, can I trim the top and continue to nurture the buds or will the plants need to be replanted (I hope not).

It would be wonderful if I heard back from you.

You might be ok with auto seeds not sure don’t grow them but I’m thinking your going to need to repot or trans plant to bigger hydroponic system ?
When you enter flower they are going to want to stretch I know mine stretched about 14 inches after initial 12/12 light period was started I use photo seeds and are still growing but not at a fast rate
Good luck with your grow
I purchased an areo garden also to use as a cloner but plan on transplanting once roots are established
Into soil

Although I’ve seen some pretty amazing miniature grows on YouTube I suspect you’re going to have serious height issues unless you replant

…either way let us know, very interesting thread thanks for sharing!

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You are going to have to bite the bullet and transplant before they get much bigger