Top of plants drooping in flower?


I got a plant going into its 3rd week of flower and at the top of the bud are drooping … Now any have a idea i thought maybe heat stress but ill leav3 details on lights and genral info, any ideas???

Strain is Dark Devil autoflower
3rd week of flower
7.5 gallon fox farm ocean forest with perlite added
Nutreints is a mix match set just to see what happens but its the full line of Advanced Nutrients with 3 part base minus the nirvana “replaced with Humbolts golden Tree” and minus bud factor X " replaced with terpinator" but ive been using the rest

Lights are 315 watt CMH hung at 14 to 16 inches away from canapoy
3x3 grow tent
Exhaust and 1 clip on auscilating fan up top and a auscilating fan at the bottom.

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Looks like a watering issue. Is your water schedule and amount the same as veg?

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If I see the tops of the buds drooping it usually means they need more water.

Yeah has been so far but im still watering about 2 liters at a time ever 3 to 4 days, look like i need to start watering more lol

That’s not unusual since the growth has exploded upwards the new leaves aren’t used to such intensity and deflects until they fill out better