Top of auto flower bending towards light

Need help…weather turned horrible where I’m at…went from low 70s to rainy and in lows in 40s…so, brought in my 2 gsc…have 2 2700k 2600 lumen cfls on them. One of the tops has completely bent over…should I raise a CFL directly over the top instead of being in between and above???

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I’m strictly outdoor so I’m not sure how much help I can be in this, but plants grow toward the light source. In the morning, my leaves orient themselves for the sunrise. By sunset, they are facing west.

I would suggest raising the light. It may cause a shorter one to stretch, but the taller one needs the light above it. I believe the top will suffer if you don’t.

I’m in midwest…they’re outdoor plants but it just got unseasonably cool and rain past 48 hrs…just brought them in till tomorrow…I’m a outdoors person myself…hopefully the natural light will straighten it out…it’s new growth so…

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I’ll hope with you.

Like Vic. Said…I use bambo to hold mine up


The tissue in the end of the stem is rapidly growing. Staking may help support it but have you just tried turning the pot relative to the central light source 90 degrees every day? Another trick is to have a fan blowing on the plants 24/7. The wavering of the leaves and stalks actually causes them to toughen up. This will give them the backbone to stand up straight when you move them back outdoors.

She straightened out…thanks everyone…