Top leaves standing up

So my top couple leaves are standing straight up is that have to do with light being to close or far?

Can we see a pick? Usually means doin good. Like this?


Usually means there lovin’it✌️


If they’re “praying” it just means they’re deflecting light to the new growth (bud) sites.


I recently topped a plant that I feared was getting too big for my grow space. I removed 2 nodes. Within an hour the two large fan leaves at the top of the plant were pointing upwards. I lowered the light thinking it might have something to do with light. The next morning they were pointing straight up.

I snipped both leaves because I didn’t like the look and their position was affecting the light to the lower plant.

It makes sense that the plant was redirecting energy.

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Ya no pic since I saw just before dark clicked. Wasn’t doing this morning. But it was the top 2 fan leaves stems were standing on end like parallel to to the main stem. Thanks just the plant moving