Top leaves drooping

I have a few autos in 5 gallon air pots and all but one is praying. This been going on for a bit and im curious as to whats going on. The top 1/4 droops and the bottom 3/4 is fine., Its leaves are green and I have no nutrients burn. Im growing all organic.



I got the same thing going on with a gelato auto I running. It may be just the strain. I’m in week 6, but she been like that for a while. Seems to be really stretching. I had to put a string on her and bend her down to keep her in line with the other plant.


Maybe over watering a little?

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Are the twisted tips in the leaves maybe from heat?

I would suspect a bit of overwatering (or a root issue) coupled with some N excess.

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Ill let it dry up more before watering. How do you test your soils NPK?


You can get something like this. You just stick them in the medium and they’ll show you how much N, P and K are present. Personally I’ll just make an educated guess based of what I’m putting in and keep the $200. There are probe setups for about half the price that have what looks like a headphone jack on one end. Idk how they’re used though. Maybe plug them into a smartphone.

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2 methods used to test mediums for Nutrients. Soil or coco should be fed to liberal run off once the plant has passed the seedling stage and has grown around 4 nodes. You collect a sample of the run off and test the PH and PPMs, this is important for adjusting your next nutrient mix to maintain 1000-1200 for soil. Coco is different and fed daily. Soil like a wet to dry cycle with alternating feed and water days. Both need the PH in range for nutrient absorption. A slurry test is taking a sample of soil near the root zone and mix with equal part of distilled water, let it rest for 24 hours and test the PH and PPMs. The slurry test is more accurate :love_you_gesture:


I do have a Bluelab TRUNV2 Truncheon Nutrient Meter I bought a while back when I bought the Bluelab PH meter but it doesn’t tell me what your missing in the NPK it just gives a value reading so how do you know what you need to put in?

Even if I did a slurry test which i have done that before as well and used the trunnion it’s still just gives me a number between this and this. I never understood how to use this data so I’d never used it.

Checking the pH of the slurry. Yes that’s easy. But what do you put into adjust the pH of your soil? Do you change the pH of the water that you’re putting in or do you add a nutrient that fixes it?

Thanks for everybody’s replies. I really appreciate the help!