Top leaves curling and skinny?

First post on here but hoping to find some help. Ill explain my whole setup to hopefully help find my issue. I have an ROIE-680 which is currently at 100% and about 12 inches from the top of the tallest plant. The plant I’m concerned with is over 18 inches away. I purchased the auto flower seeds from ILGM, planted them directly in a 5 gallon fabric bag with the center of the soil being fox farm ocean and the rest of it being SOHO living soil. The plants made it about a week into flower before I started noticing nutrient problems. Mainly a few brown spots on just a couple leaves. Now a few weeks later I started to notice yellowing leaves so I ordered a few Dr.Earth products and used 10 TBSP total per 5 gallon pot. Also mixed in about 1 cup of chicken manure and 1 cup of earth worm castings to each 5 gallon pot and gave them a good soak. This was only yesterday so I’m not sure if that has made a difference but on just of my auto flowers, Amnesia Haze. I am noticing just the top leaves are curling down and look very skinny compared to the other older leaves. I feel like this wouldn’t have happened that quickly from my top dress so I probably haven’t noticed until now. I also did not add any nutrients besides some call mag since they were seeds. The top dress yesterday was the only real feeding she has had. Here are a few pictures.

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Here is a picture of all of the plants, I definitely too dressed way to late but I’m still learning. The Amnesia haze is center, she is the one I’m most worried about.

Looks like heat stress to me. But i have that untrained eye. 12 inches at 100 percent is super low. My plants get close to my loght but they grow into it this way. I dont see any damage so i leave it be lol and just slowly dial down the loght as time goes by kinda like the sun as summer fades so does the sun strength which get them to finish ip a bit more. Try and mimmic the outside temps on the inside