Top growth has dark veins/light leaves and leaf droop in "Water Only" Soil

  • Purple Chem (clone), Strawberry Cough (clone)
  • Great Lakes “Water Only” Soil
  • 1-Gal Air-pots/Oxypots
  • I don’t know the ph but I’ve never seen it way off and my understanding is that organic soil will buffer ph itself
  • I don’t know PPM
  • Indoor
  • 240W Quantum Board Light at 18" from canopy
  • Day temps: 70, Night temps: 63
  • 45% humidity
  • 4" exhaust fan
  • No humidifier or dehumidifier
  • No CO2

I have 4 plants that are about 2 month old (I think). Started as clones in aeroponic bucket, then to solo cups in Roots Organics Original Soil then into 1 gallon air-pots in Great Lakes “Water Only” Soil (I think kind of similar to super soil). About a week or two after transplant I started to see some leaf curl and light green new growth. I just rode it out for a week then tried watering with Recharge. The condition does seem a little better but I still don’t think it’s okay.

Always always always ph - even in organic. You’re probably not far off my guess would be a little alkaline. Check runoff on next watering and let us know :+1:

Did you preload the pot once transplanted?

I talked to the guy that actually makes the soil and he said never water to runoff. With that said, tonight I’ll water to runoff so I can check ph and report back.

Yeah I mean typically you won’t water til runoff but it’s nice to make sure from time to time that nothings off. That being said if you have someone making soil for you, he might have added lime or other buffers in there - he’s probably your best source of info but yes please let us know Maybe it’s something else completely (which honestly the don’t look bad at all, I know what you mean tho they’re not “spunky” with “praying hands”)

They look slightly overwatered to me. If you think they have improved somewhat with recharge you might try a compost tea in the mix. Also throwing a few worms in each pot.

Lastly I believe 1:gallon pot is to small to finish them in. When doing water only you want as much soil as you can provide so the roots can search for what’s needed once the immediate area has been depleted.

Overall, they look great!


Thanks for your response. I need to repot them to 5 gallon pots but I was kind of trying to time it with my other grow’s harvest (couple more weeks) so I don’t need too buy more pots.

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Ive got an arsenal of organic amendments and would probably top dress with earth worm castings, and some kelp meal then water with aloe, coconut, and compost tea. More a shotgun approach.

Let’s see what @Budbrother thinks, I think he should change his handle to @organicyoda.


Yellowing between the veins like your first photo shows is typically indicative of magnesium deficiency or a slight light burn. If you are only seeing that at the canopy, try raising your light a bit. If you are seeing it on lower leaves as well, try adding some Cal-Mag. Use General Hydroponics Calimagic so you don’t increase your nitrogen levels (other brands have more nitrogen).
The slight burn you see at the tips of the leaves usually happens when it is just a little bit over-fertilzed. This isn’t necessarily bad - it just means you’re right at the threshold of how much it can handle.

Over watered and a touch too much N in the mix. It’ll all buff out before long

I have a 5’ tall plant in 2 gal that didn’t get transplanted. That plant is giving me hell and always needs water. I can’t imagine being in a 1 gal pot. Glad that one only has 2 wks left

Maybe I need to just get some more pots and transplant “now” (now in quotes because I can’t get pots/soil until Monday anyway). The soil I use is this but I’m thinking of cutting it back with some Roots Original. Maybe 75% Great Lakes and 25% Roots Original.

From my reading, Roots organic has been having issues with their soil. You might wanna try something else. My current recommendation for a pre made super soil mix is from Coast of Maine. If you plan to veg for longer this will be helpful. If not and you plan to flower within a month, maybe you should just transplant into FFOF and the N will work itself out.

Thanks for the tips. I guess it could be the Roots but it’s actually the Great Lakes “Water Only” soil that seems to have cause the plants to take a dive. Everything was fine when they were in Roots in solo cups. My plan is to pot up to 5 gallons then flip to flower about a week later so within the next month.

Just want to add this link to the soil I’m using

I have issues with companies that don’t clearly list ingredients or percentages in their soil. The Great Lakes company has that part all blurry on their site. Then some things that they say on their site caused me to be even more weary of their product

What was it on their site that caused you to be even more weary?

chicken compost

This living soil is water-only.

Simply add your plant, seed, clone,or hot start and water.

Forget mixing chemicals and troubleshooting deficiencies!

For advanced organic gardeners, no-till gardeners, as well as probiotic farmers this living soil works great: you can add teas, top dresses, and organic nutrients, if so desired.

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Right but what do you mean?

Testing pH and ppm is important in gardening if you want good results. I use organic soil too but still pH. At the end of the day it’s a 12.00 item and testing pH takes 2 mins. Also looks over watered. Take care of it it will take care of you. Quit being lazy lol. Good luck

  1. it’s far from laziness. I spend probably a minimum of 30 minutes each night on this grow (and I have another one going too), 2) I have ph and ppm meters as well as ph up and ph down and calibrating solution etc etc. I was expressly told not to even monitor either and not to water to runoff because it just washes out the nutrients and beneficial microorganisms.
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I’m just going off what I read bro.