Top dressing with malted barley

From a fellow grower: I have a question that I cannot find an answer for. I’ve read many times over about top dressing with malted barley and getting similar effects as making a sst. I have corn I am planning on using in my next grow. I know that malted barley is halted at the right time and preserved for long questions is would corn be ok to top dress with (after sprouting and grinding) vs making a tea?

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Never heard of using either one. Why are you wanting to do this?

Its basically the same concept as using molasses. You are providing sugars for beneficial bacteria to consume and reproduce.
The one thing to be careful of is that unfriendly bacteria can thrive in it too. In fact malted barley extract is used by many labs to grow cultures of bacteria because most will thrive in it.
I would lean more toward adding a teaspoon or less to my water can rather than mixing it into the soil.
Remember that bacteria thrive outside where it gets no sugar water.

Malted barley, hell brew some beer to go with the grow!

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