Top dressing Fish Sh*t

Am I able to top dress FS with my recharge? I usually stick with what I read in one of Hellraisers post about top feeding recharge. It’s says to give each plant 8oz of water with the recharge. How much fs should I add to that water? Or how would I top dress fishshit. I’m in ac infinity self watering bases and don’t want to put it in the base.


Fish Sh!t is added to your nutrient solution/water when you feed. Only a few ml’s.

Edit… just saw the selfwatering. Pretty sure you can just pH a gallon of water, add a few ml’s of Fish Sh!t and top feed it.


You can add Fish Shit to your normal nutrition line. It’s has no nutritional value. It’s made to feed the life in your soil.
Happy growing…


Thanks this was along the lines of what I was looking for. I’ll just do this, thanks. Since I’m using dehumy water I guess I won’t have to even ph