Top dressed with Happy Frog - nute Q

Hi everyone - I made it through week one of 12/12 (thanks to you all!). I flushed the three ladies down to about 450ppm for the flip and fed them CAL-MAG first and then brought them back to about 1100ppm Sunday (day 4). Today I added a couple inches of Happy Frog to all three, but only the biggest one (MK Ultra) needed water. The water going in was 172 ppm tap water brought down to 6.45ph (from 7.3). I fed 2 gallons with about 1/3 gal. of runoff that measured 1082ppm and 5.55ph.

My question is, I’m not sure how to handle feeding the FF trio if the ladies are going to pick up 1000ppm from the new soil. The FF chart says1750-2000 so I was thinking maybe 1/2 strength but I don’t want to burn them in flower. What would you all do, take it slow?

I also want to make sure you all think it’s ok not to use ph down as long as the runoff is 6.4ish (starting at 7.3 and going down .9 to runoff)

Thanks in advance, I wasn’t thinking pics would help, lmk if I was wrong :slight_smile:


I’m thinking that whatever you add to water raises the PPM even ph down …
If it were me I’d just avoid any nitrogen or very little while flowering and concentrate more on P and K

You can also call me a dumb ass because I never grew a plant indoors and I will take it like a man lol …

I was under the impression that Happy Frog soil is pretty hot to begin with I also wasn’t around for the conversations that got you here and I probably am being so irrelevant to anything …

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@SandyC You are reading the chart wrong.

Their numbers is based off ALL the nutrients for said week.

Example: Week 5

You need to use FF Big Bloom, Grow Big, Tiger Bloom, Flower Kiss(never use), Boomerang, Microbrew, Kelp me kelp you, and Open Sesame. With all these the PPM range is 750 to 2100.

You change according to said week nutrients being used.

I hope this helps you. :+1::+1::+1:

You do ease the plants into the nutrients. What I mean is don’t go more than 1/2 strength at first. With fresh FFHF on top, I’d cut it to 1/4 strength and slowly work up to 1/2 to full strength.


Not sure if this still pertains to you, but this grow I used happy frog for the first time, and added some perlite and happy frog fruit and flower to it. Then the only thing I’ve done is top dressed with the fruit and flower once a month, and top dressed once with some worm castings. Kept the soil living with all organic. I’ll never go back. If you been using synthetic nutes, the soil is likely dead, and this method probably won’t work for you now. 6 weeks into 12/12.


Thanks a bunch all, you’ll know how it works based on the next question that comes out of my first tango with these ladies… I was ok with veg, but flower has me all kinds of nervous about screwing something up after 14 or so weeks til now :slight_smile:

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Topping off the HF won’t affect the PPMs enough to count. The FF feed schedule numbers are everything they make added, I was a previous user of the Trio and started nutrients in the Fox Farm mediums once my run off dipped below 800 PPMs. I fed at 1000 PPMs during veg and 1100 during flower. Keep testing your run off, the trio requires a periodic flush.

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Thanks!! This all dialed in on my issue, I’ll get it right yet! For a minute, hahaha