Top dress vs powder vs liquid nutes

In your opinion which do you prefer with soil ? I have only used fox farm trio on a few plants and Iv tried the ilgm 5 plant mix nutes , 2 plants I have used the fox farm trio for veg and first 2 weeks of flower then sticklty used fox farm happy frog flower time top dress for rest of flower and so far these two are the frostiest plants Iv grown last two pics are of straight ff trio all the way through the frosty girls are happy flower with straight ph balanced water


Welp they didn’t upload in the right order but you can see which is the frosty girls lol

I top dress all organic. I don’t have to worry about burning my plants or salt build ups. I used FF trio for a few years when I first started growing but got tired of all the measuring ,tips burns and flushing. Now I mix my own soils and top dress with organic feed every 3 weeks. Works great for me.


I agree with @Axemanjake23

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I used to use general hydroponics flora trio then switched to there 2 part maxiseries. Working great and you get do much of the powder you won’t need to buy any more for at least 2 years