TOP DRESS Do SI Do?.? Need help

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Both are from the same purchase of DO SI DO’s (Feminized) ?.?.? One acted like an AUTO (pxictured in the front) and is the best looking plant I’ve grown from ILGM! The one is question is about 2 weeks into first sign flower. I’ve been doing very light feeding with the fox farm trio trying not to burn ( 5 gallon fabric pot) but my question is this - can I add more ocean forest and leave her alone for 3-4 weeks? Is that too much N going into flower because it’s going to take 4-5 full solo cups of soil to get to my liking. Any input would be appreciated.


Hello @Jacks88 I’d definitely switch to flower feed schedule for your early bloomer. She’s gonna need the bloom booster for for maximum growth.

For your other plant, she looks to be transition to flower now. I’d start her on a diet for transition. Check the feeding schedule that the manufacturer has posted for your product line.

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How long has the older one been in flower? I’ve used the FF Trio and going lighter than the schedule is a good idea. Your plants will need a little more potassium and phosphorus during flower with a little less nitrogen. It’s also critical to water or feed these to a good amount of run off 20-30% with the FF trio. This will help expel the un-used salts that will collect in the root zone potentially locking out nutrient uptake. In flower I shoot for 1000-1100 PPMs with a soil PH of 6.5. Personally I would PH my water to 6.5 and give her a good feeding and collect and test the run off, it’s it’s around 800 or less it’s time to feed. I would suggest mixing a gallon of the trio at 1/4-1/2 strength and check the PPMs before feeding them :love_you_gesture:

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I am just flipping my first grow and wondered the same thing about adding more OF soil to a 5 gal. smart pot. I just flushed for the flip and guess adding it before would have been smarter if I was going to do it. When the first runoff from the flush was almost 4,000 (I had not been diligent with runoff, only mixing), I decided not to add any more variables at this stage. All is basically ok and it seemed like risking any burn or issues from adding soil wasn’t worth it unless really needed. Like I said, I don’t have the experience to answer knowledgeably but that’s where I’m at with that for my first time.

Been in flower at least 5-7 weeks.

Better pics of the one that’s been in flower 5-7 weeks. I should’ve watched better but thinking all the beans were feminized - I didn’t watch as well as I should’ve,

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Looks little further along than 5-7 and 2 weeks between 5-7 is a good bit. To really tell you need bud Trichome pics and not the sugar leaves. Do you have a scope or jewelers loop for this? :love_you_gesture:

This is the way to manage nutes. I usually top dress with additional soil as the grow ages and compaction becomes a problem. I manage PPM properly rather than worrying about what is contained in the top 3 inches of the pot.

:point_up_2: nailed it Brother :love_you_gesture:

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Plan on watering tomorrow and I’ll check PPM, top dress and measure again :+1:. Thanks for the help