Top dawg strain - barneys farm fem/photo

Ok here we go folks my 1st grow journal here
Here i have 2x barneys farm- top dawg strain female photos. I also dropped another 3 seeds of my own genetics runtz.
Currently i have these strains living.
White runtz
4 more phenotypes of runtz.
Og skywalker
White rhino
Galactic god.
Hash passion
Dutch pride ultimate
And today top dawg.

Keep an out for this exciting grow! I will be cloning these also. Im a perma cloner and clone every female i get. They will all be added to my tissue culture cloning regiment and added to the mothers i have


Okay and away you go…that’s a hella lot of strains for one go… Good luck mi amigo I’ll watch this one…:sunglasses:


I’m totally watching barneys is awesome!


Its not a 1 go my man. These are mothers I have growing now. I have 6 tents. I add strains and remove them every 3 months. Gotta keep the weed changing. I just finished 25 plants and I am about to harvest 18 more rainbow runtz. My strains, my phenotypes of my runtz breeding. I call them “rainbow runtz”. Then in 5 days im harvesting a trainwreck. And i have 25 clones of hash passion getting lovely. I clone on a 3 week basis. Sometimes every 2 weeks.

This is a float tray i use to clone in. I also used my turbo cloner non-stop.

Beautiful monster crop clones ha ha. Im going to mate these with my other phenotypes.


Yah … For sure I’ll click this one to watch… you’ve got a full time job… dayum!!


Lol its actually my second job. And a love of mine. I like to perma clone. I am setting up a mini tissue culture cloning preservation lab and storage. I got some cool stuff going on. Just keep an eye out. Im always doing something weird/cool.


I have king kong seeds. And other rare strains. Chocolate thai. Wonder woman x caramello. Black diesle. I like rare and boutique strains not usually found. I produce clones of these constantly and flower out 50 at a time “sea of green” style. Some time i veg for 3 months and grow monster plants. I will flower and re-vegg intil i get huge plants. I dont care for autos but i grow them sometimes. I never keep mothers i constantly clone the same clones. I always have little babies of all my plants at some stage of growth.


Wow. Indeed a virtuoso. Like your style as well as strains. I’ll be bookmarking this


Like deficient as usual. Damn, that’s quite an impressive line up @Preybird1! Very interesting stuff, vast amounts of knowledge to feed my appetite.
Hitchin a ride, if you don’t mind?

Good vibes and good luck :v:


Good luck with your grow.


Impressive work as usual! Bravo @Preybird1! Wish I could sample those runtz! If I could go on a Canna-Tour of the world, your place would be one of the top I’d like to visit! :nerd_face: :face_with_monocle:


My trusty lil gadget tells me you are new to the community @Hugomadd.
Welcome and enjoy the forum :v:


Well. Ya know I’m def gonna follow this one. :grin::+1:
I’ve seen some pics of your work and always impressive my friend. Rock on. :clap::clap::clap::+1::v:


This is gonna be an awesome one to follow, super excited. Is that just peat you have the clones in also it looks like you have some clones to reveg as well. We gotta see some pics tents man. I have no intentions of getting that big but damn your old lady has got to be on board with that. thank God mine smokes more then I do, it makes it easier when I have to buy something new! LoL…So impressive


I’m tuned to watching and I’m gonna come along for the ride, that is if you don’t mind :v:


Well little secret her ya’ll were allright over here. Were oldschool… offspring of the pioneers and bikers. A little hells angels for my wife. And im a what you call an over doer of all. I love to do projects and live to learn new things everyday! I love to help people. Ask anything you like, anytime you like. @Scotty17


Update: the top dawgs are up!

And the one thats not. The runtz Didnt stay in the plug well and tried to climb out. The do that a lot there really a vigorous strain i love it.


No there little bio plugs i have used for years! They are sweet! Very similar to root riot plugs but soooo much cheaper. I do things my way. I dont soak seeds. And i can usually get the seeds up in 2 days. I have my methods.

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Ok here is a side of hash passion. These are clones i just cloned. This plant is a monster.

Here is there mothers stem right now.


I like to bend the top cola down below the shoots around the main cola. on untopped plants especially. It’s a similar effect to cutting the main cola off. It causes the shoots next to the main cola to grow more vigorously and then you can bend the top up and it will continue to get bigger.
Because the auxins in the plant change when you do this. And get redirected to other areas of the plant. Which also increases the yeild overall