Top Cola Advice To top? Or Super Crop?

I’ve topped only once very early in the grow. It seems to me that the two main colas are beginning to stretch quite a bit. I’m not sure if that’s because I’m starting to preflower. But the main issue is she is getting to tall for my liking. That and it seems if I leave it alone the bud sights are going to be stretched out and light.
If I topped or even better super cropped the two mains will that help with bud density? I know it would definitely shorten her up.
One more thing. I’m not even sure if I’m starting to preflower yet, and feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Also could use some feedback on what stage she is in? Preflower? Very early flower. I the pistols didn’t really showing predominantly until three weeks ago. Thank you.

Doesn’t look like preflowers to me,not yet anyways. If to tall then top again, they will bush out, and you will have very nice cola’s, I see it is outside, so you will need to try and keep them as dry as possible in late flower to prevent mold, and bud rot.

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@Das_Fonz I agree with @Dforce, not seeing any signs yet of preflower. That being said I would say you are really close and shouldn’t be much longer. She does look a tad droopy though. Perhaps could use a drink. Those fans should be nice a perky, sucking in those rays.
As for topping at this point I wouldn’t unless you are concerned with height and not showing off to your neighbors? You can always stake those tall colas later on to support them. After some experimenting outdoors with different LST, supercropping, manifolding, etc., I find it best to just let them do their thing and they will develop structure support where they need it. I have 6 well into flower outside at the moment, with 4 of those 6 being well over 7’ tall…likely closer to 8’. I always defoliate fairly aggressively during mid to late flower, I’d say bordering on the schwazzing technique. It’s a little less important with outdoor grows as you get better light penetration form the sun as opposed to indoors, but I figure I’ll give those bud sights the best chance they can get to mature.
Also, I always clean up the bottom 3rd of the plant, as well as a 3rd of the way up each of the main branches. This allows for better air flow through the interior of the plant. This is one of my smaller ladies that I would say is about 3 weeks from chopping, followed by one of the 7’ ladies that was defoliated 5 days ago.

Happy growing and good luck. Lots of well experienced growers on here to help. I know I’ve benefited tremendously from the kind people on this forum.

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Question: Why the concern about height if outdoors? Visibility?

I wouldn’t top or supercrop this far into veg if it is an auto. You can supercrop if a photo, but be aware that the plant will continue to attempt to stand up straight as it grows. She is going to grow quite a bit (30 to 100%) once she starts to flower. Topping is another option, but she will still get a lot taller during the first couple of weeks of flowering.

This is one thing that works for me, just weave them through the netting. It also supports the flowers pretty well.

Yes the only reason I was thinking about toping again is because I’m concerned about hight. She’s kinda hidden in plain sight type deal. I have her surrounded by my tomato plants and she’s overtaken them by a good 12 inches.
And if she’s just going to get bigger through the flower and if that hasn’t even started yet. Oh boy! I’m going to have myself a little pickle. This is my first time growing outside.

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Here a couple real time pictures. The ones I posted were right before dark. I guess they were getting ready for bed. Haha. But just to show you what I’m working with.

You can pull them two over and tie them, they will fill out, and yes they will stretch more during flower. Happy outdoor growing. It’s always fun learning the tricks

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I’d let that chick stretch….those will produce nice buds…being outdoors and at the mercy of the sun, do you want to continue making flowers or make it necessary for your plant to go into recovery mode? It’s a fine line but if you’re gonna super crop you gotta do it now or there’s no point later as you’re just hurting your yield

I really don’t want to put her into recovery mode right now. She’s been steadily creeping up since I got the nute issues straightened out a couple weeks ago. I super cropped all the lower branches and tied them down. . A couple of them need to be retied or adjusted. I believe I did finish the last branch in the beginning of July maybe. Side note. Next summer I’m keeping a detailed journal.
So that being said maybe I’ll just tie down the top colas. I’ll try to bring them to about the same height as the lower branch’s. I’ll try not to break stems or damage. If I do I do and it’ll be another week or so of recovery. I guess I’m starting to get a little impatient and worried if I’m going to have enough time for buds to fully mature. I’ve been throwing around the idea of building a small green house structure to keep her dry through upcoming wet season/fall. @Dforce
@grizZz If I do end up folding a branch or two how long do you think it’ll push back flower? That’s what you mean by recovery mode correct? But it should increase yield no? So I guess I gotta make a choice. Hahaha.

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Yes and no it’s a fine line…if you end up breaking something the chances of recovery and actual yield increase ARE there it’s just a question mark on whether THAT plant decides to just get over it and continue forward or simply give up and die…I know…it sucks…

At the same time…these plants are VERY VERY resistant and hardy and they WANT to survive…

And yes that’s exactly what I meant by recovery mode…you got it! Believe it or not the plants have priorities and I believe you’re in tune with what your plants want! Do what you do boo boo and learn for next time! You’re doing great

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So for in the sake of science I did a little bit of both. Tied about 3/4 of her larger branches down to all close to the same height. Then very easily bent over a couple of the better looking branches. So did a good mixture of both.hopefully I don’t stress her out to much and she bounces back. Going to feed her well and see where she goes. Thank you for the feedback. @grizZz @Dforce

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I’m out of likes but in 3 days you’re gonna swear by this method (pretty sure) based solely on your sunlight exposure on them plants :star_struck: look into super cropping…not monster cropping….

Outstanding work!

She will bounce back sooner than you think, looks good.

A little Saturday morning coffee with my girl. Day two post super cropping the larger cola branches. Seems she is bouncing back decent. I’ve doing a lot of reading about watering and over watering. I think I might be guilty of a tad bit of over watering. Gonna give her a few days to dry out. Also started a couple autos. I know I’m pushing my luck with time and might have to finish them inside. But I feel like they are starting to stretch. Did I not start them deep enough or not put enough weight for them to push through?
@Dforce , @grizZz @MidwestGuy @Packof3

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They’ll stretch like that outside but this might just allow for some good LST…looks good :sunglasses::facepunch:t2:

@grizZz thanks for the feedback. Trying a couple different things with these autos. Can’t help but tinker. I started them straight outside and in the soil they are going to live in. Going to try out the whole living soil gig with these guys. I picked up a few bags of build a soil 3.0. Anyone have any feelings on this medium?

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Yea look into unsulphured molasses to feed your microbes in your soil…or other ways to feed them like worm castings blood meal bone meal feather meal things of this nature made into teas or even just top dressed dry maybe once every 3 weeks or month….since you’re directly in the ground this will help you a lot because your roots will be able to spread out however they feel. The microbes will make your roots uptake nutrients better and more efficiently and ultimately you won’t have to water as much either (depending your climate of course)…just keep them microbes happy and your plant will reflect it for sure

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Yea I’m definitely going to have to do some research on the whole applying teas ordeal. Which brings me to this question. The big plant I have now I’ve been feeding her the fox farm trio I’ve sledged a couple times as per feeding schedule. Would it be beneficial to do a epson salt and molasses feed after a sledge or just stick with the program. I did do a top dress last week since I figured the she’s has been in the same soil since I started her in may and it was starting to look light.
I did acquire terp tea and it says I can just feed directly in the soil. I think it says one teaspoon per gallon. But it doesn’t seem to dissolve great. Just not sure if I’m doing it right. Because it does say something about aerating? @grizZz

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