Top Amnesia Haze Auto?

I have 4 Amnesia Haze autos that are on day 19. They are ILGM seeds and are described as compact with a height of 26" despite being an 80% sativa hybrid. A couple of questions. Based on your experience growing ILGM’s AHA, what should I expect their mature height to be? Are they bushy, more like an Indica or more open given the Satvia lineage? Given their growth characteristics, are they a good candidate for topping, or do they do better just being left alone?

#3 is a bit of a runt and got off to a rough start. It had a hard time growing out of its seed husk. Our dog was the runt of the litter and we could not have asked for better pet.
Your input and feedback will be appreciated. Thanks


I top all my autos but I grow in coco coir and plants grow faster in it. Do not sure about soil

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Have you grown Amnesia Haze?

Only wwa


I just popped my first two AH autos from ilgm. They are the same age as yours I topped mine two days ago as they started growing alot taller alot faster then my blueberry autos did.
My blueberry I just LST.
I will post some pics on here of mine tomorrow.
Please keep me posted on your progress, I am curious what these girls will do and how our different styles may effect them. :grin::+1::+1::+1:

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Apparently we are selecting the same strains and are on similar schedules. I am finishing up on three Blueberry autos and have the 4 Amnesia Haze started to replace them in the tent. Here is one of the BBA’s (on 1/30/20, day 78) that is the furthest along.

She is stout at only 22" and the main colas is about 9".
Will do re progress on AH grow. You do the same.


I did 5 WWA outside of the tent. I topped 2 of them. The 2 I topped averaged 62g before curing while the other 3 only averaged 48 grams. They grew in less than ideal conditions. At the same time I had 4 WWA in the tent (LST only). There avg. weight going into the curing jars was just over 91 grams.

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Your welcome :blush:

Okay sorry it’s early… I didn’t read anyone’s response but I’m sure they all say the same thing. Its gonna vary man do you LST, top or train in anyway. Yes ppl do top autos. But if all goes well with nothing done to her you’ll end up around 20 - 30"

@LoCoRock There’s no wrong way to eat a Reese’s :wink:
And there’s no wrong way to train an auto👍.
My blueberry was very stout so I tied the main cola off to the side n allowed the others to Branch out. It got so bushy I had to cut off about 20 bud sites just to allow some light in. It is getting close to the end n I regret not cutting more but it will be ok.
My amnesia just grew so fast and taller I felt I could too n not slow it down so much.

@beardless I will absolutely give some updates and photos, your plants look great!:heart_eyes: I hope mine yeilds at least something close to yours.

I top, Lst, super crop, and lollie pop my autos. But like @hornhead said I grow in coco and my plants get much bigger. I have one in soil now just to see and all my coco plants are twice the size. Just try it man and see what happens. That is the joy of this.

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My blueberry, very Stout n dense. I think I should have trimmed back some more bud sites. It’s only 18 inches in diameter and 16 high from soil. I’d say what did I do wrong but I think that’s just her🤷.
I popped 4 more BBA so we will see.

BBA cola

@Axemanjake23 your plants look amazing.


Yours look very yummy. I want to grow some blueberry strains. I wish they grew faster so I could try all the strains
So many strains so little times


So so true. My grow space is 12ft by 12ft. And it still seems like there’s not enough room to try all my options. Lol I need to build another room.:smile:

I use a blend of 2 parts FF Ocean Forest to 1 part Purple Cow Activated Compost, one block of coconut husk and throw in some perlite. It is light and sweet. I,m a dirt gardener so at this point I am more comfortable with a soil mix. Regards…

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I have been trying to keep my soil simple but I know it can be improved. Was wondering what you thought might be helpful.

I reuse all my soil. I have large totes that hold my soul between harvests. So while one batch of soil is in the pots, the rest is recovering in my bins.
These bins are full of a healthy worm population and I feed them all my trimmings from the plants that are growing, and on occasion I add some coffee grinds for both the worms and the soil and powdered egg shells which also help the soil and are needed for worms digestion.
When my plants are harvested I break up my root balls and put the roots and soil back into the bins.
When I transplant I amend the soil with down to earth 4-4-4 and water with compost tea from Green Bicycles. I absolutely love my compost teas. But I feel I’m missing something in my soil.

That sounds dialed in brother. I love growing because everyone grows their way. And no one way is Superior.

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So true, there is no one way that’s better, I am just always searching for constructive ideas I can implement and test to improve.

I am hoping there is a living soil guru in here somewhere that can help bring me to a new level.

WOW I agree with @Axemanjake23. I like the idea of compost (I make it and use it in my raised garden beds). But I do not use it in my pot pots. I am afraid of introducing some sort of pathogen or bug into an otherwise controlled environment. You are making it by recycling the soil, root ball, adding coffee grounds and egg shells. Worms are a great supplement. I use Fox Farm Big Bloom which is basically worm poop. I have thought about compost teas but have not gotten there yet. I recycle my grow soil to my garden compost. I do not know this and am just wondering if what is consumed in the grow is replenished. If your plants are healthy and produce, no worries.
Good growing
I don’t know if it is just me but I love trichome pictures. Here are a few from this morning.S20200201_0008 S20200201_0009 S20200201_0011

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Very nice pics. I just shut my lights down, turned my water off. going away for the weekend. Starting harvest when I get back​:grin::grin::grin::grin::grin: happy time.
Am I just crazy for enjoying trimming :grin:

Will be sure to get u a trichome pic